Inspired office designs for your Silicon Valley tech start-up

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Do you want the offices of your Silicon Valley start-up to look as innovative and downright cool as the Googleplex? For many, swish offices are very much a part of the tech start-up dream. However, when you’re designing your new office space you need to weigh functionality with style. As much as having a great-looking office is amazing, if people can’t effectively work in it then it isn’t doing its job! With that in mind, check out these tips for creating a truly inspired office design.

Foster comfort, and creativity will follow

Creativity thrives only where there is space for it. If a member of your team is hungry, thirsty, or has an aching back they will be preoccupied with thinking about their physical needs and their creativity will suffer. It’s for this reason that so many start-ups have large kitchen spaces with free healthy snacks provided, and large breakout areas with comfy sofas. Think about keeping your staff comfortable when designing your office space.

Found objects

New York-based Quirky have made a feature of using found objects around their offices. They have a conference table that has been made of palettes and desks made out of old bowling-alley lanes. This has not only saved them money, but it makes their office unique. Think about using found objects from your local area, which has the added bonus of giving your space a community feel in which your team can thrive.

Frameless sliding glass walls

Spending time in the sunlight improves mood and brain function, so it makes sense to come up with an office design that lets in a lot of sunlight. A great way to do this is by installing frameless sliding glass doors. Not only will they let in a lot of sunlight, the fact that there are no frames will make your workers feel as though they are working outside in the sunshine, minus the glare of course! Investing in good-quality doors can save you money, too. The frameless sliding glass doors Northern California supplier, Cover Glass USA uses ‘low-E’ glass technology, which as well as creating a modern and great-looking office will also save you money on your energy bills and cut down on carbon emissions.

Freedom to scribble

Providing your team with as much opportunity to jot ideas down as possible can be a very effective way of fostering creativity. Foursquare provides its staff with ‘Idea Paint’ that they can use on the glass walls of its meeting rooms, and other start-ups utilize simple chalkboards. Experiment and see what your team engages with.

Combinatory play

Einstein was known to play the violin whenever he got stuck on a tough math or science problem. He would find that he would suddenly solve the problem that had been plaguing him once he started to play music. Very briefly, this happens because if you keep repeating the same patterns, for example the same thought processes to try and solve a problem, your brain essentially gets stuck in that pattern. By doing a different activity and stimulating the creative part of your brain, it frees you to solve the problem. Cool hey! Think about having items for this type of play around the office; it could be as simple as musical instruments, or even paints could boost productivity by untold amounts.

Involve your team

You don’t need to plan out the office redesign all by yourself. Enlist your team and get their opinion, ask them what they would like and what they wouldn’t. Then you’ll get a space that truly works for them, and they will feel valued because you asked for their opinion.