LinkedIn and the Recruitment industry

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LinkedIn, an international social network for professionals is an entire B2B platform. It allows users to create their profiles along with building online resumes. Here users can form a list of their previous jobs, work experience, and current job role. Even more, one LinkedIn member can link with other members, who are searchable by some preferable criteria. Also, LinkedIn users can suggest or recommend other users, depending on their individual skills or via a more common written reference. Apart from all these features, the social-professional network assists as a giant platform for jobs or recruitment.

Out of all other tools, LinkedIn Talent Solutions bestows around 65% of the company’s yearly profits. The set of creative recruiting tools assists LinkedIn to make the best possible use of its enormous database of proficient and career test points. It also helps users not only exhibit their expertise as well as experience. Even more, the platform also works as a link between the recruiter and the users. It connects candidates with the recruiters seeking for the same. Thus it is a platform that speaks about building diplomatic relationships.

Recruitment Industry:

Recruitment is an entire process of attracting, screening, and choosing appropriate applicants for a job role within a company. In other words, it is to recruit new candidates for joining a group. From the past many decades, the recruitment industry has followed a typical scenario. The process included simple steps like finding a vacancy, place a job advertisement, enlist applicants, arrange interviews, and make a deal.

But in the digital era has changed many things starting from recruiters to talent hunting. The greedy wish for technological advancement across the globe enables recruiters to find the best candidate on few clicks. What I can say is the modern recruiter is an explorer, a communication terminal, a visionary, and a mentor along with responsibilities the recruiter had before.

How is LinkedIn Boosting Recruitment Industry?

LinkedIn acts as a valuable source for both businesses and careers, which includes build relationships with future customers and obtain backup and resources. Also, it is a perfect place for freelancers or people who wish to work from home. This social network site assists in developing business or career besides to stay connected with the world. Thus the platform assists recruiters to become more productive and co-operative.

As per LinkedIn Talent Solutions, more than 505 people have preferred not to visit the top recruiters. The website notes nine out of ten candidates’ gaze for new work opportunities. Most importantly, every 10 seconds, businesses appoint a member using the platform. In addition to all, it requires a few seconds for a company to post a job on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads

Obviously, LinkedIn has become a vital source for recruiters and the recruitment industry. The recruitment agencies release content over the platform, including job ads, promotions. Even more, they seek to connect with future candidates.

LinkedIn Ads is a paid service that surfaces in the news feed or the side pane to promote a company’s updates, including content to engage potential employees. Businesses use those Ads to reach a massive group of audience and attract them. There are three types of Ads a company can use – Text Ads, Sponsored Content, and Sponsored InMail. All three have different purposes.

Text Ads: Text Ads are targeted and only visible to the users who have a desktop version of LinkedIn. Those ads include a headline along with a link that takes users to the company page or resource. Text Ads usually appear in the section – “Ads you May Be Interested In”.  

Sponsored Content: It enables a company to go beyond a particular piece of content on mobile and desktop versions of the app. It seems like a regular feed which also has an alternative of using lead generation forms.  

Sponsored InMail: It enables a company to send targeted messages to a particular group of users through LinkedIn Messenger. The messages pop-up in the receiver’s mailbox only when they’re active. Thus these are very fewer chances of the message getting missed by a candidate.

LinkedIn Direct Ads

LinkedIn offers an advertising platform that enables businesses to promote LinkedIn members depending on their profile. The company has developed a proficient ad platform, and most of its elements aim at business. Even more, ads of various budget sizes are available here. LinkedIn says no matter what size of business you have; LinkedIn Ads will assist you in gaining your marketing insight. Besides, the amount you pay to advertise on LinkedIn is up to users. As stated above, one can start with any budget and stop ads whenever needed.

Role of LinkedIn in the Recruitment Industry

LinkedIn, founded in 2002, has 303 million monthly active users. As of June 2019, there are 645 million professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn acts as both a blessing and a challenge for the recruitment industry. On the one hand, it is a very useful tool. 

On the other hand, it steals part of the company by establishing rivalry from domestic recruitment by employers. These days, recruiters are using LinkedIn as an effective tool with the possibility of finding the best candidate. As per, more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.

Following are some advantages that have influenced the recruitment industry:

  • InMail:

Recruiters can use the InMail feature to contact candidates on the platform, even if they do not have any direct connection with the recruiter. Reportedly, the response rate to this is more than any other message sent on various social platforms. One can attract passive and active people, both, that seems appropriate for the job role.

A benefit here is, the receiver of mail can seek more data about the sender on LinkedIn, i.e., by visiting the senders profile. Even more, it will increase reliability and the possibilities to receive a reply are more here. LinkedIn offers up to 150 credits every month, depending on the type of business account. Not to worry because the balanced credits are carried forward in the next month.

  • Company Page:

Company Page marks crucial importance in the recruitment process. The page essentially represents products and services that the company offers to its customers. Notably, it enables candidates to see something more than that. A business can attract potential employees with some trending topics, having appropriate articles and images. Even more, a business can publish material relevant to its events. So keeping the company’s LinkedIn profile up-to-date and releasing a minimum one article a week could help in engaging future employees at your company. As per, LinkedIn has more than 30 million companies, along with 20 million active jobs. Even more, around 80% of business-to-business leads come through LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn Recruiter – Trending Recruitment Tool

Many companies use this tool for the recruitment process, but only a few of them have the paid subscription of the service. LinkedIn Recruiter is a corporate edition specially crafted package for large recruitment companies that often face employment swings. The program is a key to more than 500 million LinkedIn members. There are 150 InMails every month to get top-notch talent aboard. The service is freely available on a trial basis for a month.

According to, 112 million users have been invited to an interview via LinkedIn. Also, 35.5 million got a job through someone with whom they are connected. Remarkably, among 11 million jobs listed on the platform, 5 million openings are in the US.

Features of LinkedIn for Recruiters and Recruitment

This year, LinkedIn has updated a set of tools that assists in the process of recruitment. The company has paired-up its core hiring tools which include LinkedIn Recruiter, Pipeline Builder, and LinkedIn Jobs. Now, all the services are available on a single platform, i.e., New Intelligent Hiring Experience. It assists recruiters to be more effective and collective. Even more, it is a timesaving functionality that offers a smarter recruiting experience. More than 100 new professionals’ signup over here every minute.

Conclusion: All in all, the article highlights the impact of LinkedIn on the recruitment industry. I have tried to mention all the notable aspects, including features and statistics of both. Thus, LinkedIn has a massive impact on the recruitment industry. The social-professional plays a crucial role in the recruitment process as well as business growth.

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