Top 5 Web Hosting Brands of Pakistan in 2019

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As the internet spreads around the world, the demand for web hosting also increased. From blogging to representing business, everyone needs a reliable hosting platform. Now in 2019, Pakistan emerged to be one of the fastest-growing internet markets with over 44.6 million internet users. This highlights how useful it is for businesses to create an online existence in Pakistan. But the main hurdle is not always the development of website interface but how to make it online. There are many Pakistan web hosting brands ranging from free web hosting to cheap hosting.

Your web hosting determines whether you will achieve your
goals or not. It happens many time that the web hosting brand you choose isn’t
effective to give 100 percent guaranteed uptime. The poor servers always
increase the downtime and the speed of your website also get slower. To resolve
these issues, you need to continue reading this blog.

1. Speedy Connection You Always

When it comes to top web hosting brands of Pakistan, could be your prior choice. From speedy connection to the cheap
domain registration. It caters all the immunities that your business need. The
latest servers of are designed to give their customers a reliable
hosting platform. The is known for its fastest hosting and smart
plans. The starting plan starts from 2199pkr/year.  The top-notch features of fasthost are as

  • Daily backups
  • Server Protection
  • Cloud Flare Integration
  • Account Isolation
  • 24/7 online support
  • Auto Updates
  • Optimized Software
  • Free Superior Support
  • Money-back Guaranteed

2.   Hostbreak- Cheap & Reliable Solution
for Every Need

Hostbreak is one of the oldest web hosting brand of Pakistan
that provides easy and cheap solutions for your hosting needs. The plan of
hostbreak is designed to fulfil the needs of every Pakistani website owner in
cheapest rates. The biggest advantage of being an hostbreak user is the free
trial and 100 percent guaranteed uptime. 
The cheapest plan for hostbreak starts from 125pkr/month. Top features
of hostbreak are as follows

  • Free trial hosting
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Easy to use control panels
  • High Uptime Speed
  • Cheap Domain registration

3.   Websouls- Provides Reliable Connection

When it comes to websouls, they are one of those web hosting
brand of Pakistan that provides an affordable and reliable hosting platform for
everyone. Their latest servers are designed to provide 99 percent guaranteed
uptime. The hosting package starts from 2399pkr/year. The top features of web
souls are as follows

  • Automated Scripts
  • Cpanel Access
  • Smooth Email Service
  • Domain Registration
  • Online Support
  • 99 percent uptime guaranteed

4. Keep Excellency in Their Systems

The web hosting brand of Pakistan that provides high-quality
hosting solution is They maintain their servers in a way that they
perform faster and caters all your website needs. The expensive plans and
high-quality connections make them unique than others. If you are looking for
an expensive reliable hosting than is a perfect choice. Their plan
starts from 2710pkr/year.

5.Inspedium-Brings Easy Solutions

The inspedium is one those web hosting brand of
Pakistan that provides feature-rich web hosting to their customers. The
inspedium plans start from 309pkr/month. From SSL certificates to the domain
registration, inspedium provides easy solution to all the needs. If you are
looking to get affordable and business website hosting than inspedium could be
your best choice.


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