Made Stylish And Elegant Macaron Boxes At Home

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Macarons are really tasty, and giving them as gifts to your loved ones is a great idea. Macarons come in amazingly designed macaron boxes. These boxes are cute and elegant. They have come in a variety of shapes but the most common shape in a long slender box. These boxes have various colors and designs. These boxes often have the brand or bakery name written on them and are decorated with complementary colored ribbons, bows, and stamps.

Making boxes yourself

It great to go and buy macarons from a bakery and give them as a gift but if you make macarons at home and design a packaging for them by yourself, the worth and value of your gift increase much more. It is also possible that you run a home bakery and you want to design macron boxes yourself because you can not afford to get customized boxes that are way too expensive. In any case, you can follow the simple methods below to make your very own macaron boxes at home.

Using old boxes

The easiest way to make the best boxes without spending anything is to use boxes that are already present in your house. You can choose any shape and style as long as the box is large enough to accommodate at least two macarons. You can use old cardboard boxes or clear boxes of suitable size. Clear boxes can be used to make clear Macaron Boxes which also much in style nowadays. After getting these boxes, you can get a craft paper of any color you like. You can even get a paper with a certain pattern, or you can stamp a plain paper with your favorite stamp.

Covering the boxes

After getting the right paper with the right pattern, you can move ahead and cover the box with the paper using paper glue. Make sure to cover each and every corner of the box. When the box is covered, you can put macrons inside and cover the box with the lid. After having done that you can add a ribbon of matching the color to the box. You can even add bows, ribbons flowers, and heart stamps.

Adding name and description

Moving on, you can write your bakery name and other details with a marker on the box or can even get a paper printed name and description and then paste that paper on the box. With this, your boxes are ready. Making boxes at home are even cheaper than getting macron boxes wholesale.

Using templates for boxes

If you do not have boxes that fit your requirement or you have a few of them, then you can go for using online templates for making boxes. You can even make macron favor boxes using templates. Templates are also ideal to use when you need to make macron boxes bulk and do not have a lot of old boxes. All you need to get is cardstock, and then you have to fold it out, as shown in the template. You can use a self-adhesive paper with a beautiful design and paste it on your cardstock to make it look beautiful. Then glue all the sides as indicated in the template, use strong glue for this purpose.

Styling the box

Once you have done it, you can go and add ribbons, handwritten quotes, and stamps to the box. You can even print some images and paste them on your boxes. For example, you can get the image of Santa or the image of a Christmas tree printed on the box if it is Christmas season. Likewise, you can add hearts and love the quote on your boxes if valentine’s day is coming.

Adding windows to your boxes

If you want to make your box extraordinary, then why not choose a window for this purpose. You can add windows of all shapes and designs to your boxes. For example, you can choose heart shape, star shape, oval shape, or rectangle shape windows. All you need to do is to draw your desired shape on the lid of your box. Then you have to carefully cut out this shape. Make sure that you cut it neatly and without damaging the rest of the box. Then you can use a plastic sheet and glue it on the cut lid from the inner side of the box. This means that you will create a transparent plastic covering that will help customers to look at macrons inside. Make sure that the plastic you use is large enough to cover the cut-out lid area properly and use a strong glue to stick the plastic sheet to the box lid.

With this, you are all done, and you will get a beautiful window boxes are some of the ways in which you can easily make boxes for macarons at your home. This can be given as gifts or can be used for sale purposes. In any case, they will be loved by the recipient of the box.