Mechuka – the forgotten valley

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Mechuka is a small town cuddled about 6000ft high above the sea level in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is located about 30km from the MacMohan Line, which separates India from China and around 500 km from Itanagar, capital of Arunachal Pradesh. This place is known both for its religious and historical significance. Mechuka is also known as Menchuka – comprising of three words, “men” meaning medical, “chu” which means water and “Kha” which means ice in its local language summarizing as the water flowing down from the snow-capped mountains is said to have medicinal values. This surreal valley not only provides you with a picture postcard of lush green meadows and pine forest but also it served as airland – a crucial location during the war against China – 1962.

How to reach Mechuka?

Mechuka is not so easily accessible place. There is no nearby airport or railway junction around, so the best way to reach there is through the roadway. The closest airport is Assam’s Lilabari airport. You can reach Alo which is 180 km from Mechuka. It is well connected with Alo-also known as Along via well connected public transport. So plan your road trip with online booking facilities where just need to avail the use of Ola Coupons at the time of cab booking to get best rates.

Best time to visit Mechuka.

The post-monsoon and the winter season proves to be the best time to reach Mechuka, between the months of October and March. The chilly winter is often accompanied with snowfall, while the summers also provide you with pleasant weather to plan your trip. But monsoons are really unpredictable and maybe a bit risky as roadways are the only possible way to reach out there. So try not to avail during the monsoons to avoid mishaps. See top six trek in nepal.

Here’s providing you with a few must-visit places which will drag you to this exquisite place:

Theold Buddha Monastery – SamsenYongcha.

There is a 400-year old Buddhist monastery built in the 14th Century, located at the hilltop in the westernmost part of the village of Mechuka. This monastery is older than our famous Tawang Monastery. It has beautiful ancient statues of Guru Padmasambhava and adorned with fascinating masks of various mythological figures that are mainly used during the Chaam Dance, a traditional live performance with mask and colorful costumes in Buddhist festivals. Accommodations are also upcoming due to the increasing influx of tourists from various parts of the country and abroad.

The hanging Bamboo Bridges

The tiny hamlets located on the eastern bank of Siang are connected to the roads of the western bank through these bamboo ridges. These not so well-structured bridges sway precariously over the raging rivers. With every baby steps, the bridge swings over the green water of the river, foaming as they crash against the hard rocks on either bank, making a perfect picture collage of the state. You can also try river rafting under these bridges, trying to be more adventurous.

A world of waterfalls

The Mechuka valley is dotted with numerous waterfall, some cascading from great heights while some gargling over the lush green rocks. Traveling through the Tado Gita village will provide you with gems of a waterfall in the valley of Siko Dido. Sit by the towering waterfall and breathe your heart out in its mesmerizing beauty.

The Friendly Tribes

The Menchuka village is the home of various Tibetian tribe namely Mamba, Ramo(Adi), Bokar and Libo Tribes. The majority of the population comprises of the Mamba, they are warm, friendly  Tibeto-Mongoloid Community residing in small wooden houses. Fishing and agriculture is their primary occupation. Numerous festivals are celebrated between the month of February and April. The Thi Si is the New year celebration stretched for about 5 days along with the Mopin festival which is celebrated on 5th of April every year. You are welcomed to live with them and enjoy their local cuisines as well. The next big tribe is the Ramo tribe, they have migrated from Tibet long time back and practice Donyi-polo, worshipping the nature. The State Government has supported these backward tribes in every possible way to get recognized.

Adventurous Activities

You can indulge yourself for hiking and trekking over the high ranging mountains. Water lovers, get an added advantage,  you can experience river rafting and angling in the River Siyom. Camping in the green woods is another adventurous thing you can go for. User should ensure to make hotel arrangement in advance before visiting to Mechuka and can use available Oyo Rooms Offers Online.

Mechuka is becoming a popular tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh not only due to its scenic beauty and exotic tribes but also for its historical significance.

So whats restricting you from exploring? Feast your eyes with the untouched, unexplored and seriously scenic beauty of the Himalayan gateways. So what are you waiting for? Plan your holidays, pack your bags and get going right away!