Online Carbide Solid Carbide Thread Mills Can’t Be Beat

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Companies that utilize machining operations as a part of their production processes know the difference between claims of performance and actual performance. Anyone can put a marketing piece together with claims of capability but it doesn’t take long to separate the claims from the reality. Online Carbide knows it’s the customer who will ultimately back up claims about product performance or not.

A Thread Mill is a Thread Mill

Nothing could be further from the truth than saying a thread mill is just a thread mill or there’s no difference between thread mills. There is a lot of difference and where that difference becomes obvious is when the products are lined up side by side for comparison. Online Carbide makes a very Solid Carbide Thread Mill and here is why. They design, engineer, and construct their thread mills to outperform their competitor’s products by manufacturing the thread mill with the best quality materials and finishes.

Take A Close Look

Right from the beginning of the manufacturing process, Online Carbide creates value by insuring their tools have 10% Cobalt Micrograin materials in the base metal. They go further by coating their Solid Carbon Thread Mills with Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiALN) for better cutting performance. Put it all together and it is easy to see that Online Carbide manufactures the best Solid Carbide Thread Mill available today.Online Carbide Has End Mills For Sale on the Internet For Less

All the Styles and Sizes

Online Carbide manufactures Full Form and Single Pitch Thread Mills in the most popular styles. Their Full Form Thread Mills come in UN, Metric, NPT, and NPTF thread. The Single Pitch Thread Mills come in the following sizes:

  •  #0 2 Flute 72-80 TPI
  •  #1 3 Flute 64-80 TPI
  •  #2 3 Flute 56-80 TPI
  •  #3 3 Flute 48-72 TPI
  •  #4 3 Flute 40-64 TPI
  •  #6 3 Flute 32-64 TPI
  •  #8 3 Flute 32-56 TPI
  •  #10 3 Flute 24-56 TPI
  •  ? inch 4 Flute 20-56 TPI
  •  5/16 inch 4 Flute 18-48 TPI
  •  ? inch 4 Flute 14-40 TPI
  •  ½ inch 4 Flute 12-32 TPI
  •  ? inch 5 Flute 11-32 TPI
  •  ¾ inch 6 Flute 5-32 TPI
  •  ? inch 6 Flute 8-24 TPI
  •  1 inch 6 Flute 6-32 TP

More Benefits

The Solid Carbide Thread Mill that Online Carbide manufactures comes with some additional benefits. Benefits like factory direct prices that save a lot of money over name brand, distributor-handled products. Name brands spend a lot of money advertising and marketing their products and that costs a lot, but doesn’t add to a tool’s performance. By selling factory direct, Online Carbide gives their customers what everyone wants, better prices for better products. Another benefit is free shipping on orders of $250 or more. That saves even more money and who doesn’t like that?

Online Carbide Tools Make Sense

A production machine can’t afford to be down because the tool it uses wears out too quickly or doesn’t produce a clean, smooth cut. Cheaper imitations can be found, but when the cost of the tool, the cost of downtime, and the frustration of switching out tools due to poor design and construction are added up, it only makes sense to buy high-quality, long-life tools at the best prices from a valuable vendor like Online Carbide.

Experience the Best Way To Buy Machine Tools

Take a few minutes and go to and you’ll find all the right tools at the best prices with the most benefits. Save time, save money, and, most importantly, keep your machines running smooth and problem-free. If you have any questions or need additional information, you can easily get help by going to or calling 630-238-1424 between 8am and 5pm CST.

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