Participate in Rakhi Contest and Turn your Dream into Reality Fly To Maldives

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When one talks about the Maldives, images of ring-shaped atolls comes up in mind. But this heavenly paradise has much beyond that to offer. From picturesque beaches to astounding sunsets and crystal clear waters to beautiful palm trees and luxurious bungalows over waters are awaiting to leave you mesmerized. Majestically embedded in the Indian Ocean—It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations around the world. But this Southasian island nation is for a plethora of travelers —solo travelers, families, friends, honeymooners. 

It takes a good planning month ahead of visiting the Maldives right from drafting a plan to booking flight boarding tickets and hotel reservations. But, did you know the fact that buying a Rakhi for your sibling can land you to this dream destination? Yes, you read it right! Raksha Bandhan is a popular Indian festival where sisters tie a holy band called Rakhi on their brothers wrist and brothers, in turn, take a vow to protect them against all hurdles.

This time while you buy a rakhi online to send your brother’s way, you can win a chance to explore the scenic island country —the Maldives! What you need to do is to login at Winni’s website and make an order for Rakhi. Fill in your name along with contact details, and in this way, upon lucky draw, you could be the lucky one to grab the chance to explore this amazing land. 

The climate of the Maldives is ideal all year round for visitors to get enthralled with activities such as boat trips, dolphin sightings, Kayak trips, islands and villages hopping, plus water sports activities such as swimming, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, water-skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, etc. You can either reside under a sun chair for the whole day doing nothing or can enjoy countless activities and excursions—all is up to you. The Maldives not only boasts about the dreamy islands and beaches but also possesses a rich culture and heritage.

This place can be a perfect choice for history and art lovers, food fanatics as well as for great adventurers. It is a country which has enjoyed grand heritage, and remarkable culture in the past and has witnessed several stages during its history. The most popularized folk music and dance forms are found in Boduberu. People of all ages and groups involve enthusiastically in BoduBeru folk music. And the fact is that there is a Bodu Beru troupe in almost every dwelled island of Maldives. 

Food lovers coming to the Maldives can find mainly seafood as the chief staple food since the Maldives is almost 99% sea. The cuisine found here happens to be a mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan, and Oriental influences. Coconuts are served mainly in grated form, as milk or as coconut oil which is used to deep fry foods. Popular fish include skipjack tuna, little Tunney, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna, bigeye scad, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. 

Matchless luxury, astonishing white-sand beaches, lagoons, beautiful coconut palms and an amazing underwater world make this coral island state an apparent choice for a true holiday of a lifetime. Don’t miss a chance to visit such an awesome land. Participate in #RakhiContest.  By ordering a rakhi online from Winni, keep your dreams alive. 

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