Staycation: Treating Being Chill At Home As An Art

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Who doesn’t need a break from everyday stresses? Whether it’s a long weekend to the nearby city or a flight to another continent, it will provide you with that much-needed rest and satisfy your cravings for new experiences. However, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with a long journey, jet lag and mosquito repellent. Maybe you would rather save money for those house repairs that you’ve been looking forward to whole winter.

If that’s the case, we have some good news for you. You don’t have to leave your house to go on a vacation. You can bring a vacation to your home. That’s right, a staycation is a new trend when it comes to vacation vibes. By investing in a few decor pieces, you can transform your home into a staycation paradise. Here are some useful tips that will help you get started.

1. Decluttering is half the battle.

In order to bring in the new, you first must get rid of the old. When we say old, we mean things that you don’t use anymore. If you’re working outdoors, pick up the fallen branches and trim away the rotten ones that are hanging low. Rake the leaves that have accumulated over the winter and sweep away any spring debris that may be lying around your backyard. The same goes for the inside of your home. Decluttering will make your home (or backyard) look more spacious, and it will give you plenty of space to use in this staycation-renovation challenge.

2. Add a splash of colour.

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By adding colour to your space, you’ll make it more eye-catching. A vase filled with fresh cut flowers will instantly make the whole room come to life. Throw in some colourful decorative cushions on the sofa, or even consider putting new wallpapers. If you want to transform your living room into a tropical paradise, you can choose a banana-leaf pattern for your wallpapers or pillowcases. Bring in lots of greenery which will add that jungle effect to your space.

3. Create a chill zone.

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One of the essential parts of any vacation is chill time. No matter if you’re into lying on a sandy beach sipping on a cocktail or bungee-jumping, everyone needs that relaxing nook when on a vacation. If you want to incorporate some of that feeling-good mood into your home, you need an adequate piece of furniture. Speaking of good mood, nothing will unravel the knot of tension in your back better than a massage chair. Look for those like Inada Massage Chairs if you want your chair to be both stylish and therapeutic. Aside from improving your mood and cardiovascular health, a massage chair will reduce stress while boosting your immune system and creativity. It will take chilling at home to a whole new level.

4. Transform your space with fire and water.

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You know that feeling when you’re on a vacation, and you’re not only feeling happy but also at home? Chances are you were probably sitting either next to a fire or water at that particular moment. There something about these two elements that make people feel welcome. If you want to create a staycation paradise in your home, find a way to incorporate these two elements into your living space. Whether it’s building a fire pit or lighting some candles in your living room, you’ll create a lovely romantic atmosphere. Water fountains come in a great variety of sizes so you can choose the one that’s best fits your space.

5. Make your bed.

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For many people, one of the all-time favourites when it comes to vacation is the fresh white sheets. So why wouldn’t you make your bedroom more like the one in an expensive resort? It doesn’t involve a huge amount of effort, even small things can make a difference. Firstly, clear out the room. Take out all the unnecessary things and you’ll be amazed by how bigger your room seems. Put on a fresh bedding set and open your windows. By making your bedroom light and airy, you’ll sleep better and utterly feel like you woke up in a fancy hotel room.

Being chill at home truly is an art. When you’re happy to be at home, you feel more satisfied on many different levels, and also, you get to unwind in the perfect staycation paradise that you’ve created for yourself. With these tips and a little bit of imagination, you’ll make your staycation just as precious as travelling to your dream destination.