Points to Remember before going for financial advisory Services

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Hello Investors,

I Hope you are doing well and making good money from your investments.Well this is very common question among traders and investors who got confused from lots of suggestion from different-different sources and can not make a proper decision regarding investments and due to lots of suggestions they fail to make the right decision in the end. So to secure your investments i will give you some Stock market tips that will finally help you to deduce the best way to invest your money.

Below i will provide you some of the best possible routes where you can gain maximum returns of your investments.

1.) Mutual Funds : Mutual funds are basically a puddle of funds from lots of investors from different part of the world and that are variegated into bonds, stocks and other assets.

This is one of the platform where you can invest your money. There are lots of misconceptions about mutual funds because of lack of knowledge, people who don’t know anything about the mutual funds invest their money blindly in it and loss it, so this are the people who are spreading negative rumors in the market and will try to fool you. So be aware of such people and focus on your goal of making maximum money from your investments.

2.) Real Estate : In India, after 2014 there were lots of amendments made by Modi Government in this sector in order to complete his dream project of giving home to every citizen of India.

So variation in this sector have been noticed very drastically and regularly and all the studies show that graph of this sector is going to increase and it is considered as the most secure investments by the professional investors to get sure shoot returns and maximum returns can be made by it. So in this rush now it became really hard to get the house that is 50% off its worth in-order to buy it for investments. You can also buy apartment, trailer parks, farms, Publicly traded business and private business and make it your long term investment that will surely give you good returns.

3.) Stock Market : This is best option, but for only those investors who have a proper and precise knowledge of the stock market (Share trading tips), its best not to enter share market without proper guidance, if you want to make money in this sector (which is considered as risky platform but fastest among all of the above to make more money in short time) then i will suggest you should hire a financial adviser or take services from a trusted Financial advisory companies.

You can also go for Intraday trading if you are not a clam person and want results in one day, but again thing to notice here is going without a proper knowledge (Intraday tips ) will be danger to your investments. However it is quite easy to invest in the stock market as compared to real estate because in stock market you will not have a headache of dealing with the bunch of rental property and take care of it.

4.) Gold : This is considered as the safest and the most popular investment made by almost every Indian. If you ask your grandparents about the investment then gold will be their first and the foremost priority among all. If you are not risky person and don’t want to take any risk with your investments, it is the best platform for you to invest your money.

But there are lots of rules and regulation are made by modi government in India for this type of investments, so will suggest you should know about all of them properly before investing in the Gold.

5.) Bonds :

Last but not the least, this is also a place where you can invest your money. This are used by states, municipalities, sovereign governments and companies. Person who owns bond are creditors or debt-holder of the issuer. Bonds are the loan made by investor to borrower (governmentall or corporate), it also has an end date when the principal amount is due to be paid to owner and also include terms for fixed or variable interest payments that will be made by the borrower.

I hope this will help you understand better and clarify your doubts and also help in making the right decision for your investments. You can also comment in my comment box if you have any suggestion to add in it.

Wish you a good luck and make lots of money in future after reading this.

Warm Regards,

Akash Rathore

Akash Rathore

Hello everyone.. I am an engineer on paper but Digital Marketing Analyst on floor. Presently i am working as a Digital Marketing Analyst at epic research financial advisory company located in Indore. Love to invest time in reading like minded people’s view on Quora. Keen to learn about Data science