Try These Actionable Tips To Streamline Your JOB SEARCH

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Today, when the whole world is moving very fast and is moving towards a digital medium, it has become very important for us to also move with the pace of the world. Before applying for the job anywhere, keep in mind that the current market has evolved, along with jobsearch technique and resume writing. That’s why it has become compulsory to look for trends of the market and its requirements. Get your resume ready and apply for Jobs at Epic Research. It is recommended that you must follow ongoing trends while writing your resume and keep updating your resume before you apply for Jobs.  

Below are some key points to Focus while applying for Jobs :

1. Strategy for future: Most of the (or almost everyone) candidates forget to think about their future, in rush of getting a job. They try to incline themselves in any field (which is irrelevant to their core field) to earn money and enjoy the comfort of 9 to 5 job in the beginning, but this comfort will no longer be a comfort if you look at it in a broad way and think about future in it. So no matter what is your role in the company i.e. from fresher to a director, everyone must have a proper strategy for the future before starting a job.

To make a proper strategy, a very first step is knowing about the next step i.e.

Set your company target according to your portfolio.

Do you want to stay in the same company/field forever?

Are you looking for higher designation in the same company?

Take sufficient time to identify your area of interest and you will be able to interact with people of your interest instead of entertaining others, which will save your time and money, and in a very short time, you will be able to hit your dream job.  

Now once you had deduced your area of interest next step for you is to enhance your skills and strengths, markdown accomplishments and employment experiences.

2. Resume Writing: If we look 10 years back, the hiring process was completely different from what it is now. Now when most of the companies hire talent via digital platforms or software. This software is so designed that it automatically detects the candidate’s profile (keywords) and matches it with the requirements of hiring agencies through same keywords and then it sends your resume to relevant company/ industry for hiring.

One of the demerits of this technology is, candidates have to face increased rejection rate, almost every company hires through platforms like LinkedIn and Cocubes, etc. which have lots of applications from all over the world due to which hiring manager first rejects those candidates who have an improper resume.

So it recommended that make sure your resume is updated and aligned in a proper format as per the requirements of the hiring manager. Properly highlight information like your skills, your achievements and make sure that things you are mentioning in your resume align with your employer’s need. The most important thing to remember while writing a resume is to give more attention to the points where you can bring values for the company.

You should try to convince the hiring manager about your leadership skills, industry knowledge and your ability to solve problems they are facing with relevant data that supports your success stories.

3. Your Summary: Here you have to give a brief description of yourself, telling employer – who you are and how can you help the company to achieve new heights. Try not to use some common words like focused, result-oriented, dynamics and dedicated, etc. that almost everyone started using in their resume. Don’t try to write a novel about yourself in this section. Keep it simple and explanatory with zero error.

4. Showcase your strengths: This section will decide whether you are hired or you are rejected. It has been noticed that candidates are not preparing themselves for some common interview questions and they get rejected. Hiring manager ask some repeated questions like what are your strengths and weakness ?, Introduce yourself and most important question you should be focusing on is Why should we hire you?

They ask these questions to check your confidence and how you are different from others? So this is only a golden chance for you to showcase your strengths and convince employer with your unique capabilities and show them how you will strengthen the company.  

5. Digital Approach: Over 90-95% of the companies hire candidates through a digital platform like LinkedIn and Facebook, etc. So nowadays it has become compulsory for every candidate to maintain a strong social media profile (especially LinkIn) to get hired fast and in best companies. read more about : Latest Courses that Lead to High Paying Jobs

Studies show that 83% of HR use a social network to validate your credential and know more about you.

a. Audit your social media profile on a regular basis and make sure that it aligns with the information you have mentioned in your resume.

b. Check how your profile looks to an employer when he/she search you on social media sites.

c. Your profile should be keyword rich so that when an employer search for you he/she can easily track you on platforms like LinkedIn.

Social Media is playing a key role in every field, so use this opportunity and contribute yourself to social engagement with experts and leaders to increase your visibility on social platforms.

After reading these key points I am sure that you will be ready to face interview in companies like Epic Research and get hired to build your career.

Warm Regards,

Akash Rathore

Akash Rathore

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