Single Pitch or Full Form Thread Milling With Solid Carbide

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Many machine shops use one or both types of Thread Mills in their production operations. Precision and consistency are extremely important when performing a Thread Milling procedure, especially when the production template requires several or even dozens of Thread Mill processes. Online Carbide manufactures their Thread Milling with Solid Carbide to ensure greater tool longevity and precision cuts with every application.

Build it Right and They Will Come
Machine processes, whether working with a multi-axial CNC machine or a simple drill press, demand two considerations – 1) Consistency of cut and 2) longevity of tool. Consistency of the cut is critical because it means everything will line up as the production piece moves down the line for further processing. Longevity of the tool is also critical as it means the difference between getting a production run done on time and failing to meet production schedules. Online Carbide takes both of these important aspects into consideration when designing, engineering, and constructing their Thread Milling With Solid Carbide.

Only the Best Can Make the Best
When it comes to the manufacturing side of the house, Online Carbide knows only the best materials will result in the best tools. Utilizing high-quality steels and Tungsten Carbide in the correct ratios, Online Carbide is able to harden their Thread Milling tools to withstand even the hardest surface and metals. With the proper amount of Tungsten Carbide incorporated into the metal, the longevity as well as the accuracy of the cutting tool can remain consistent.

Every Size and Design Available
One thing Online Carbide takes great pride in is the selection of tools they offer their customers. Online Carbide’s Full Form Thread Mills come in the following designs:

  •  UN Threads
  •  Metric Threads
  •  NPT Threads
  •  NPTF Threads

Online Carbide’s Single Pitch Thread Mills come in a wide range of sizes:

  •  #0
  •  #1
  •  #2
  •  #3
  •  #4
  •  #6
  •  #8
  •  #10
  •  ¼ inch
  •  5/16 inch
  •  ? inch
  •  ½ inch
  •  ? inch
  •  ¾ inch
  •  ? inch
  •  1 inch

Value Starts With Quality Design and Engineering
Making the best quality Thread Milling with Solid Carbide starts with good design and engineering and continues through construction to the final product. Online Carbide knows what it takes to accomplish the high level of manufacturing and that’s attention to the details. By engineering a superior Thread Mill and producing the best metal stocks with Tungsten Carbide, Online Carbide knows their customers are going to receive the finest cutting tools on the market.

Value Continues With the Right Selling Process
Selling factory direct to our customers saves them a lot of time and money. Most tool distributors mark up products they handle by 40% to 50% or more, costing their customers a lot of money for simply handling the product. Online Carbide knows the key to success is to have the right product at the right price. Add to that value their customer service, large-order discounts, and same-day shipping on orders and you’ve got an unbeatable combination.

Consider All the Factors and Online Carbide Comes Out On Top
Purchasing agents, production floor managers, machine operators and even the folks in the Accounting department all know what makes for the best combination of factors to decide on a vendor and their product. The first factor is price. Price is important because it affects the bottom-line, but price can’t be the only consideration. Overall value is a combination of price and utility. It doesn’t do any good to buy a cheap tool that fails when put to the test. Online Carbide knows a high-quality product, sold and supported by a high-quality company at a good price will always be the preferred resource for machine tools.

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