4 Tips for Making an Insta-Worthy Smoothie Bowl

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Who doesn’t love a bowl filled with a healthy, overflowing smoothie? In the present social media age, photos of smoothie bowls have been dominating various platforms. Not only are they packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but they’re also loaded with vibrant colors, making them aesthetically pleasing and super Instagrammable.

However, some smoothie bowl enthusiasts might have already realized that making Instagram-worthy bowls isn’t a walk in the park. As with all other dishes, there needs to be a specific way to prepare smoothie bowls to make them look like art. If you’re thinking of blending a smoothie bowl and posting its photo on your feed, then read on and find out how to make a creative smoothie bowl instead of a sad and boring one.

Blend Ingredients of Similar Colors

Smoothie bowl lovers are most likely familiar with colorful pitaya bowls and acai bowls. Needless to say, these bowls did not just come out of the blue. Some people might have tried making these kinds of vibrant smoothie bowls but have created a brown bowl of disappointment. This is because they have blended ingredients of different colors, which possibly resulted in a brown smoothie.

For the most vibrant smoothie, decide what color you want your smoothie to turn out and think of ingredients of closely similar tones. For instance, if you’d like to enjoy a red smoothie bowl, throw red apples, strawberries, and raspberries into the mix. Just remember this tip: brown consists of red, green, and blue colors. That’s why you might want to avoid blending fruits or vegetables of different striking shades.

Make a Thick Base

There’s another problem that some people might have encountered when making smoothies: toppings sinking to the bottom of the smoothie. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this common smoothie problem, and it’s creating a smoothie with a thick, creamy base.

To do this, you have to choose the right ingredients for your base. These ingredients should be creamy enough when they’re blended and have flavors that are versatile enough to avoid clashing with other flavors. Some of these creamy ingredients can be yogurt, avocado, nut butter, and zucchini, among others.

Serve It in a Unique Bowl

We’re all used to ceramic or glass bowls, and honestly, they seem rather dull. If you’re serious about creating that perfect Insta-worthy smoothie bowl, then you might want to consider getting unique bowls. These kinds of bowls can make your smoothies stand out, and they perfectly complement the vibrant colors of smoothies. Some examples of these bowls are coconut bowls to give smoothies that natural, tropical look or brown wooden bowls to make their bright colors pop out.

It’s also worth noting that you need to pour your smoothie into your bowl with care. Start by pouring it into the center of your chosen bowl and spread it out carefully using a spoon. That way, you can prevent your delicious smoothie from becoming a mess and have a smooth base to put your toppings on.

Artfully Arrange Your Toppings

When choosing the toppings for your smoothie bowl, you don’t always have to focus on their aesthetics. Instead, consider how their flavors will turn out when combined with your smoothie’s base. Don’t worry about how your preferred toppings will affect the aesthetics of your smoothie bowl. As long as you arrange them artfully, then you can have a smoothie bowl that’s worthy of a place on your social media feed.

When it comes to arranging the toppings of your smoothie bowl, perhaps the most helpful tip is to arrange and spread them evenly in stripes. Of course, do so carefully using a spoon or your finger to prevent ruining your smoothie masterpiece.

Making smoothie bowls might seem straightforward. You just have to blend the ingredients and finish it off with toppings. However, your smoothie bowl might not look as visually pleasing as the ones you see online if it isn’t prepared properly. The art of food preparation applies to almost all sorts of dishes, and it is, by no means, easy. But with smoothie bowls, anyone can practice this kind of food art. So build your own smoothie bowl today and apply the tips above⁠—it’ll surely deserve to have its photo taken!