The Amazing Wonders of Hibiscus Tea – Steuarts Tea

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Hibiscus tea is extremely well-liked in the Australia. The beautiful looking flowers of Hibiscus plant have tremendous health benefits. In fact, hibiscus extracts were used for medicinal purpose during the ancient time too. The proceedings continue even in this modern age. Consuming Hibiscus tea by Steuarts Tea daily helps in improving the immunity level of the body. 

How hibiscus juice is formed

Once the petals of hibiscus flowers start falling off, deep red colored calyces grow into the pods resembling flower buds. Calyces are basically cup like structures and have a deep reddish appearance. Extract from these calyces are taken to form hibiscus tea. The color is deep red. Due to sour taste, the extract is also known as SOUR TEA. 

Keeping it cool

Drinking hibiscus tea by Steuarts Tea or extracts helps in maintaining a normal body temperature while keeping it cool internally. Consuming Pure hibiscus tea also helps in providing much relief to restlessness and sleep disorders like insomnia. It also keeps the heart healthy and lowers bad cholesterol level. It keeps the blood pressure level to normal and provides effective remedies against respiratory problems. It is also effective in loosening of body fat. 

Reducing obesity

Hibiscus extracts have ingredients that help in protecting the liver and regulate the body metabolism rate. A research highlighted the fact that consuming hibiscus extract for 3 months helped a group of people in the age range of 18-65 reduced body mass index, fat, and overall body weight. These extracts have the property to lower serum-free fatty acid that can cause diabetes and obesity.  Hibiscus extracts also acts as adjuvant to prevent obesity and the non-alcoholic fatty liver.

More beneficial than black tea

Black tea is immensely popular and considered to be a great medicinal herb. Yes, definitely, they have special of polyphenols that make them certainly unique in some aspects. However, when compared to hibiscus extracts, the medicinal property or health benefits may just face steep competition from the later one. The polyphenols and other ingredients found in hibiscus tea Perth are said to be stronger in comparison to black tea to provide health benefits and quick cure against severe health disorders like diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. Hibiscus extracts doesn’t contain even the smallest amount of caffeine. They are totally caffeine free but similar thing cannot be said about black tea. Also, drinking hibiscus extracts prevents memory loss and improves the concentration level. It promotes a healthy heart and strong immune system.

Hibiscus Tea by Steuarts Tea  – A Look at the Different Types

Purchasing hibiscus tea from online stores is an easy option to avail. However, careful approaches need to be taken to pick the best items from a reliable e-store. Obtaining dry hibiscus flowers of premium quality is what matters. With high rates, it must be ensured that the right purchasing is being made. 

Two major source of hibiscus

  • Companies that sell herbs
  • Companies that manufacture teas and beverages 

Being herbal product, hibiscus extracts are available from both tea companies as well suppliers for herbs and spices. Purchasing from herb companies will always open up the option to make a selection from different grades. But when purchased from a tea company, they usually have one or two variants of pure hibiscus extract. Many of the tea companies don’t even sell pure hibiscus beverage. Rather, they include hibiscus as one of the major ingredient in their herbal tea like zinger tea or lemon zinger tea. 

Three different types of hibiscus tea by Steuarts Tea

Hibiscus tea is available in 3 distinctive types: powdered form, flower pieces, and whole flowers. The loose leaf and whole leaf herbs are unable to offer that extreme raw flavor that can be experienced when using a whole flower for preparing the tea.