How To Boost Online Sales Using Shrink Wrap Amid CORVID-19

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Businesses are now focusing on growing online sales amid coronavirus pandemic. The WHO and CDC strongly recommend social distancing and keeping indoors. However, your business has to survive despite the lockdown. The best way is to sell your products on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or your website. This allows listing your products and watching sales roll in without allowing shoppers to come to your store and risking exposure to coronavirus.

Appropriate packaging for online sales

After customers have completed their order, the next step is to work on delivery. This requires having appropriate packaging. The ideal packaging should protect the products from damage during transit while giving them a professional look. A good packaging solution to meet your e-commerce needs is shrink wrap. Packaging with shrink wrap requires applying heat to the film to allow shrinking and conforming to the product that needs packaging.

Types of Shrink packaging for e-commerce

Shrink film

This is sold on a centerfold or single wound roll for applying by hand or machine. A centerfold roll has a sheet folded halfway before wounding onto the roll. When applying, you unfold the shrink wrap and place around the product by hand. A single wound roll of shrink film also known as lay-flat shrink is not folded but simply wound to a roll core. You use this with a shrink machine for high-speed operation. This unwinds faster compared to a centerfold roll that relies on manual labor.

Shrink bags

These are used for packaging products of various sizes. Shrink bags are like poly Bags and are heat applied to conform to the product or item bundle. You have to place the item inside the shrink bag and heat seal. When you want to buy shrink bags online , keep in mind that the process is convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, it is a safer idea during the current turbulent times of coronavirus. Using shrink bags speeds up the packaging process especially for similar products that don’t need individual packaging. These bags come in different sizes to match various products.

Shrink tubing

This type of shrink packaging comes in a continuous roll without any pre-cut sizes. You have to size and cut shrink tubing to match the required packaging length before inserting the product and sealing both ends. Shrink tubing is ideal for packaging various products of varying sizes on the same product line. It eliminates the need to stock various packaging materials. With shrink tubing, a roll is enough for packaging various items regardless of size and design.

Shrink pallet bags

As people are now stocking up items amid the lockdown, orders are bigger than usual. For safe delivery, shrink pallet bags are a good solution. These work like shrink bags but with large size to fit pallet loads. You can various boxes together before delivery to limit chances of damage along the way or some boxes for the same customer getting mixed up. This allows the customer to receive one bigger package instead of multiple boxes.

Equipment you need for professional shrink wrapping

Heat sealer

These come in various sizes and styles to match the different sizes of products and production levels. Impulse sealers don’t require warming up. These require electrical impulses to warm heat up quickly and seal the shrink wrap. This is very convenient for immediate use and with minimal burning. Direct heat sealers require constant heat for sealing. These have constantly hot sealing jaws to seal thicker materials. Extra caution is required while using these heat sealers to avoid burns since they remain hot throughout the whole packaging process.

Heating element

On closing the heat sealer open ends of the shrink wrap package, heat is applied to shrink film making it conform to your product. A heat gun is a common heating element for low output applications. Higher production lines need a shrink tunnel. This has a conveyor that runs through a heated oven. Items are ejected at the opposite end after becoming shrunk down.

Benefits of shrink wrap in e-commerce business

Tamper proofing

One of the best ways to ensure customer that their packages are intact is by applying shrink wrap. After packaging and shipping the package, the customer can easily tell whether the packaging is intact. You can add a sticker advising the customer not to use any product with shrink wrap opened. This gives shoppers peace of mind that their purchases are not tampered with especially during delivery.

Exceptional protection

In the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is very mindful of their safety. The virus sticks on surfaces for some time. Shrink packaging protects items from direct contact with various surfaces during transit. This ensures protection from the virus and moisture. On receiving the package, the customer can unwrap the package and leave shrink wrap outside. This is a wonderful idea to keep coronavirus away from customers’ households.

Limits damages and leakages

The worst thing in e-commerce is the delivery of damaged products to customers. This leads to a negative impression of your store. Using shrink wrap keeps items protected from potential damages and leakages during transit. Bundling items together limits the chances of knocking against each other backed by appropriate void-fill. Shrink film also keeps caps on bottled items to limit leakages to ensure the products reach their destination intact.

Bottom line

With business today rushing to boost online sales to serve shoppers practicing social distancing, appropriate packaging matters. Shrink wrap bought from an online supplier is a wonderful material for packaging various items. 

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