How to make more customers in a tax consultancy service?

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Tax consultancy services are availed by firms to ensure that they do not pay any extra taxes or they get the maximum tax returns from the Income tax department. They provide expert tax saving solutions to their client. Generally, small businesses opt for these services as they do not have required insights of how to benefit from taxation.

There are tax consultancy firms that are dedicated organisations for everything related to taxes. But CA firms also have tax consultancy in their catalogue of services provided.

An average taxpayer might find the process of filing tax returns as daunting and time-consuming. That is where tax consultants provide value to their customers. They save time and money in the form of tax for their clients while helping them meet government regulations.

Tax consultancy services offer the following services
• Preparing documents necessary to file tax returns.
• Evaluation of the clients’ financial and legal circumstances to calculate tax liability.
• Providing tax deductions that are provisioned for in the tax laws.
• Assistance with filling up tax forms that an average taxpayer might find complex.
• Representing the client in the income tax department and other tax collecting entities of the country.

Like any other business, tax consultancy firms also need to increase their customer base. For this, they need to use certain business tactics that will allow them to establish their superiority over their competitors.

5 tips to increase the customer base of a tax consulting firm

  1. Diversification- Tax consultation should not be the only service that you provide. You can hire people from management backgrounds to provide management consulting, you can try to hire CAs or CA articleship students to spearhead and assist your consultation team. If you can diversify your service offerings, you are more likely to attract a more diverse client base. You should consider hiring CAs to provide management consultancy to your clients.
  2. Using client management software- It helps you organise client data in an efficient manner. Latest client management systems offer a wide array of functionalities to its users. It will make tracking your projects and clients easier. With an easier user interface, users can keep track of their goals and take clients on-board quickly.
  3. Market research- Carry out a robust market research campaign to analyse your top client demographic. This will prevent wastage of resources and time on people who are not your possible clients. You will have an idea about your target audience and market according to their needs. You have to hire competent market researchers and analysts to get optimum results.
  4. Consider digital marketing- Digital marketing is a new age tool for marketers. It has proved to be an extremely effective method of marketing any business. Almost half of the world’s population can be reached out to via the internet. If you can properly leverage this technology, strong results are inevitable. Learning about the different possibilities will help your case. If you are a chartered accountant, you can refer to lenders who provide loans for chartered accountants. Such loans are customised according to your needs. You can use these loans to fund your business expansion needs.
  5. Hold seminars and symposiums- Organising seminars and symposiums will allow you to engage with your existing customers and help you attract new customers as well. You could organise seminars about recent developments in taxation policies, discuss possible future events, your firm’s strengths and plans. You can spot out new possible customers attending the seminar and collect their data. You can use this data to follow up or remarket your firm with them in the future.

This list is not an exhaustive collection of tips; there are many other ways to uphold your tax consultancy services firm. Follow the above tips will maximise your chances of conversion.