The Essential Style Guide to the Different Types of Nike Sneakers

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In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year of 2020, Nike made more than $6.3 billion around the globe. Nike shoes are popular for many reasons, whether you live an active lifestyle or enjoy relaxing.

If you are thinking about growing your Nike collection, take a look at some of the most popular versions. Continue reading to discover the different types of Nike sneakers that you could own!


The Nike Dunk came out in 1985 and made a bold statement in the shoe industry.

This sneaker guide has the Nike Dunk on the list because it is an all-time favorite. The Dunk shoe was one of the first designs that were perfect to wear on the streets. The signature design on these shoes can be recognized with bright colors like purple, orange, and red.

This shoe has a simple sole that will provide you support and the bottom layer is the color purple. The Dunk is considered to be a Nike classic that people are searching for. This is also a perfect shoe for children!


The Nike Blazer was released in 1973 as the third shoe from the Nike company.

The Blazer made a big statement at the time with its hightop design and minimalist look. This shoe was simple and complimented every outfit and jersey it came near. Since this shoe was a hightop, it provided more support around the ankles.

Since the Nike Blazer has come out, people have worn the shoe for casual outings. They are also excellent skateboarding shoes because of their flat bottom.


If you are looking for a more progressive style of shoe, the Nike Mag is a unique choice.

The Nike Mag got released in 2011 and again in 2016. The design of this shoe got inspired by the film “Back to the Future Part 2,” where it got featured. These quickly became one of the most-searched-for shoes. Some pairs were even auctioned off at Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Part of what makes these high-top shoes so unique is the bright blue soles and sleek gray color. The laces don’t need to be tied and there is a band that wraps around the ankle to offer more support.

This futuristic shoe makes a big statement and catches the attention of anyone passing by.

Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1 was released in 1987 and more got updated throughout the years.

This style will take you back to the 90s with its colors and design. The Air Max 1 has a lot of extra cushioning. This was the first shoe to ever display the air unit that can be found within the sole.

The Air Max unit provides more support to the person wearing them and it also adds a unique look. These are a fun and playful shoe that can be worn outside and on the court. A popular version of this shoe is the red, white, and blue edition.

Air Force 1

One of the most popular running shoes Nike has created is the Air Force 1.

This shoe originally came out in 1982 and various editions have come out since then. Air Force 1 has a unique design that offers plenty of support and cushioning. The thick soles on the shoe provide comfort when walking around or running down the court.

The most popular style of the Air Force 1 is the all-white edition. This is a sleek shoe that can be worn by both men and women.

Air Max 97

The Air Max 97 came out in the late 90s and made a bold statement before the end of the millennia.

Air Max 97 has a unique design that looks nothing like the original Air Max 1. Instead of the small air unit under the heel found on the original edition, the 97 version uses the entire sole for the air unit. Having the entire sole be filled with an air unit provides more support and balance to your foot.

This shoe is also notable for its combination of materials. The Air Max 97 uses synthetics and mesh to create a light shoe that will allow your feet to breathe. Another unique feature about this shoe is that it is laceless and has pull tabs to quickly put them on.

Air Jordan 1

In 1984, Nike became inspired by NBA player Michael Jordan and created a shoe.

Originally, Michael Jordan was the only one who had access to this design but once 1985 hit, the shoe went public. Nike Air Jordan has since become its own collection with various styles. You can find this shoe in mid and high-top versions, making it more customizable.

Within the sole of the shoe, there is an air-sole that provides more cushion between you and the ground. This leather shoe is sleek and simple but still manages to stand out.


The Nike Cortez was released in the 70s and became very popular on the West Coast.

Nike Cortez is a unique running shoe made of leather and rubber. The shoe doesn’t wrap around the foot as much as other styles and lies low below the ankle. This shoe is perfect for running and keeping up with physical activities.

Although this shoe doesn’t provide as much support as other Nike designs, it is still a pair that will improve your outfits.

All the Types of Nike Sneakers You Need

There are many types of Nike sneakers that have become popular throughout the past 57 years.

Nike is a trustworthy brand that people have come to love. By utilizing this guide you can discover their most popular shoes and fill your closet. Whether you are looking for a shoe to wear for sporting events or to walk to class every day, there is a perfect option.

Don’t be afraid to try some of the older editions of Nike sneakers, they are unique and playful.

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