The Top Four Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

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A few months of next year there are new things to think about and new goals to achieve. It is essential that you begin to plan the next strategies you will adopt to be always ahead!

Marketing is constantly changing,there are always new tools to emerge and technology is constantly evolving. A company that wants to stand out from the others must consider new alternative sand always innovate.

Let us then show you the main digital marketing news that are planned for 2019!

1.   Virtual and augmented reality:

Virtual reality is a technology that simulates a real environment digitally, that is,an interface in which there is an interaction between the user and a computer system.Are you from the time of the Matrix?That’s more or less!

The augmented reality is just an expansion of reality in which it integrates real and virtual elements and we have as example of this Pokémon Go of Nintendo.

These concepts are already quite present in people’s lives, whether in games, movies or other media and at the moment influence the purchase decision.They are currently being used in marketing strategies of companies that want to:

– increase the interaction between a brand and a customer;

– give the customer the opportunity to experiment with a product / service at a distance;

– show products that are not yet finished;

– attract customers who focus on technologies;

– show that they are an innovative company.

2.   Application integration and chatbots:

We know that the use of instant messaging applications is a habit that is increasing exponentially and at the moment is the preferred way of consumers to contact companies and professionals.So, this trend has to be very present in your mind so you do not leave it behind in 2019!

The Facebook messenger and Whats App Business are examples of applications that are widely used by companies and bring great results when combined with the ChatBot. This integration between optimizes the contact between consumers and companies, in addition to providing numerous features.

Chatbot is a virtual tool that allows the simulation of a human conversation according to the way it is programmed.Through this tool it is possible to automate repetitive tasks,which frees up more time to perform other more complex tasks.

There is also a chat bot option that allows the user to get correct answers even when asking questions differently from what was programmed.This is achieved through artificial intelligence and can work in many ways, you just have to choose the one that best meets your needs. Some Computer Shortcut Keys Everyone Should !!

3.   Voice Search

Voice-driven technologies, such as Google Home,are revolutionizing user behavior by making the search process faster on your smartphone.

To stand out in a highly competitive market you need to be aware of the consumer experience.For example, this voice search we are talking about here is an extremely important tool for your SEO Strategy.

Google’s search engine began to interpret the intent and context behind each search to list the most relevant search results. The semantics of content and its relevance in the interests of the user have come to be valued by Google.

This change in algorithm has brought greater efficiency to the operation of voice commands, since it is extremely common to use more concise terms in written searches whereas in spoken searches we tend to elaborate more complex questions.

To optimize your SEO based on voice search you should:

– Register your business on Google My Business;

– create posts or pages with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ);

– optimize your website to appear in featured snippets;

4.   Content Automation

Process automation is the result of relentless pursuit of new ways to improve productivity. This allows reducing thebureaucratic tasks to the marketing team, so that it can focus on much more important activities. Many companies have adopted this feature so that they can attract, convert, mimic and retain the public.

Automation tools allow greater agility, efficiency and reliability to processes, and content production is not left out of this.

There are currently software programs with artificial intelligence that are capable of designing complex texts in a more agile, objective, and economical way, based exclusively on data.It looks like we are in the future, right?But this is reality, artificial intelligence is one of the strong trends for 2019.

Now you’re wondering what the role of the content producer is in the midst of so much technology, right?You have to keep in mind that weare still more creative than the robots and the human factor is still irreplaceable to create texts that provoke empathy with the readeras well as relevant content, unique and original.

So a fantastic fusion in this medium is the speed of technology with the talent of the content producer, so that one’s work complements and replaces the other.With the best of both worlds youdo not compromise the quality of your texts in favor of speed of delivery to the client.

Being Albuquerque Seo Company, Now that you know all the major digital marketing trends for 2019, you must include them in the business plan you are going to build.It is crucial to follow the trends to stand out from the competition, because only then will you get more customers. 

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