Computer Dating Services Aren’t What They Used To Be

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If you’re searching for a “computer dating service” then the chances are excellent that you’re a single man or woman who is interested in finding an internet based dating service.  If so, you’re in luck because you’ll find plenty of information on this website about online amolatina scams.

However, if you found your way here because you searched for “computer dating services” you may be interested to learn that computer dating services are not strictly the same as online dating services.  Yes, some people use the term “computer dating services” in reference to “online dating services”, but the truth is computer dating services actually predate the internet.

Whilst the first online amolatina service was born in 1995, the first computer dating service was born way back in 1957. Whereas now single men and women all over the world can simply jump on the internet and search for a prospective partner to chat with in real time, the original computer dating services worked from more of a paper-based, manual process.

When computer dating services first began more than 50 years ago, single men and women would approach real world dating agencies (there was no internet back then!).  They would complete a series of forms with information about themselves, which was essentially yesteryear’s version of creating an online profile.  The dating agency would take the forms and translate the information into a format that could be input into the early computer matchmaking programs, usually via a card reader.  The earliest of these was an IBM computer, which would read the cards and compare the information to find a match. Once a match was found the computer had done its job.  The process then went back into human hands and the dating agency would broker contact between the two single people.

Though it may seem an archaic way of dating, computer dating services operated in a way that is very similar to the way online dating works today.  Sure, modern technology has removed the need for forms and replaced card readers with web browsers, but the dating agency is still involved and, whilst the process is more sophisticated and automated, the objective remains exactly the same – to match profiles of likeminded individuals for the purpose of finding a suitable person to date.

Perhaps the biggest different between the computer dating services of decades past and online dating services of today is acceptance.  Thanks to the internet, online dating has become socially acceptable and no longer an embarrassing activity to participate in and talk about.  Millions of single men and women of all shapes, sizes and belief systems are active members of literally thousands of online dating services and are happy to tell you about it.  And of course this is fortunate, because loneliness should not be something anyone has to continue experiencing when there are many likeminded single individuals out there wanting to meet new friends or partners.

If you’re single and searching, try an online dating service.  Most offer free trials and the ability to browse personal ads without divulging any of your personal information or details.  It won’t take you long to find a service you feel comfortable to try a membership with.  Within minutes you could be chatting to your soul mate.  You live in a lucky time where computer dating services are not what they used to be.