Emojis: The New Smart Content Emotions

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When talking to your friends when you are not afraid of being judged, your communication is just on another level. Your messages with your friend are fuller, expressive and emotional. Each emoji has the power to deliver the content of lots of words. One cannot keep his hand off using the emoji in a conversation. In fact, it is possible to have a complete conversation using emoji only. You cannot resist adding an emoji when texting a loved one. Emoji add a touch of emotions and complete the message by emphasizing the feelings you intend to deliver.

Dr. Owen Churches, a post-doctoral fellow at the school of psychology at Flinders University in Australia, conducted a study that explained that the people react to emoji the same way they would have reacted to an actual human facial expression.

You can recall your recent experience and tell me that a smiling emoji in the text you received a few minutes ago made you smile or almost smile. A wink in a friend’s text flashes your friend’s winking picture on your brain screen. Emoji speak louder than words so why not utilize the power of emoji for your content strategy. Emoji can help your content communicate emotions and feeling and ignite a response at a higher intensity than words. Brands utilize the psychological power of emoji in their social media content marketing in many ways. You can also use emoji in the below-mentioned ways and exploit the power of the expressive pictorials for successful content marketing.

Let the emoji spice up the social communication

Emojis are listed to be on the top of the list in expressing emotions on social media. People use emojis to create a strong association with positive or negative emotions. They often use emojis as a non-verbal medium of communication. While you are planning to use emojis to craft your social media and content marketing, here comes a pro tip for generating great buzzing, “Must use the emojis that perfectly fit your brand’s voice, tone, and most importantly its emotions”.

Let the emoji do the talking

Infographics add a premium effect to the content marketing approach. They are fun, attractive and saves the reader from reading the bulk of the content. They explain the whole story without words to the readers. One can include infographics and emojis to their content or social media campaigns in order to grab the attention of the reader within a glance.

Let the emojis create attractive hashtags for Instagrammers

The trend of Instagram has declared emojis to be a universal method of expressing emotions. It was reported that nearly 50 percent of the Instagram post captions and comments are inclusive of at least one or two emojis. In fact, Instagram has launched an app to include emojis in the hashtags as well. This was introduced to gather the data for determining the use of emojis by users and what emotion do they express by the use of those emojis.

Interlink a message with the emoji

Emojis are a great source of introducing a message to the users. The marketers can use emojis and mark a specific emoji to let it go viral around social media. For this, it is necessary for the marketers to know the actual meaning of the emoji before its incorporation in their message. Just to clarify the idea behind comprehending the purpose of knowing what emojis says we can take the example of the multi-colored emoji. Each of them carries a distinguished meaning. In this regard, the official emoji description should be considered.

Let the emoji personas be specific

The term emoji personas refer to the meaning of the emojis in varying demographic classes. As each group has their way of using an emoji and certainly their conversation and use of emoji also vary from each other. Emoji specific word denotation spreads easily in the groups as the slangs. Thus, to be specific about the emoji usage one shall be smart enough to know what emojis mean to the specific group of audience and how to fit it in their communication. Moreover, are they garrulous enough or nailing the idea presented in the communication? A meticulous set of personas can be effective to master this art.

Let the emoji match your tone and message

Not every brand can utilize similar emojis to enhance their social media and content marketing efforts. Brands are now making much efforts to create a brand-specific emoji to represent their brand. Despite, this effort of the brands has yielded them with great content to engage their readers. As the visual emoji-based content is more attractive and easy to recall. The users are found to be largely engaged in using brand-specific emoji instead of the brand name in their social media posts. Emojis have great potential to go viral comparatively to the content.

Introduce creative leads to your content creators

This is the key thing to do while introducing brand-specific emojis. Bring a creative team on board to support the ideas of your content creators. Of course, your content creator might find some difficulty in designing an emoji specific to their content but the creative lead will assist them to design an emoji supporting their content, social media posts or marketing campaign. The creative person will surely put in efforts to create an emoji that will serve to be a cherry on the cake.

Final words

Psychology has a major contribution to dragging a potential customer to buy the product. An efficacious marketer masters the art of fusing the psychological tricks of using the emojis to compel emotions in their content marketing strategies. No one in the world exists without emotions. Likewise, to keep the brand attractive and alive incorporation of right emoji with the right emotion is mandatory. So hurry up, get a creative team on board and allow your content team to craft some great stuff for you!

Ahmed Shayan

Ahmed Shayan is a digital and content marketing expert. He has been working in this field since 2012. Shayan has worked on many content and digital projects and is currently associated with an IT company. He has written a lot of blogs and articles on technology and digital marketing.