This Is What You Should Wear When You Play Paintball

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Did you know that paintball hit its peak in the early 2000s? Although the sport has dwindled since then, many people still enjoy the game.

If you’ve come across this article, we can only assume that you are one of those people! To maintain a steady and consistent plateau, you need to know how to play the game properly. This includes knowing what to wear.

Read on to learn what you should wear when you play paintball.


When you play paintball, it’s not necessary to have headgear, but many players prefer it. Some simple options include baseball caps, beanies, headwraps, etc.

To protect your eyes, opt for a thermal paintball mask. You can wear a headband to reduce the chances of the lens fogging up while you are playing.


As a general rule of thumb when playing paintball, don’t wear clothes that expose too much of the skin. Even if you don’t think getting hit in paintball will hurt, you might be crawling, kneeling, and sliding a lot.

Don’t take this tip as a reason to wear multiple layers of clothes. That’s a sure way to overheat while running around.

Instead, wear relaxed-fit joggers, cargo pants, or jeans paired with a baggy long sleeve shirt. You don’t have to buy the best paintball gear to feel safe and have fun during a game.

Because the game of paintball can get a little messy, it is best to wear old clothes or clothes that you don’t care about.


The type of shoes you wear during a paintball game depends on what type of play you’re doing. Woodsball or scenario is the best paintball for beginners option.

For this type of play, you’ll want to wear shoes with tread and ankle support. This could be hiking boots, running shoes, and even trail runners.

Wearing combat boots seems like the right look for paintball, but the extra weight won’t help you out.

You can wear cleats in woodsball but they are better suited for speedball. If you opt for cleats, avoid ones with metal spikes as they can injure other players and pop inflatable bunkers.

Baseball cleats are an option, but it is best to wear soccer or football cleats. Remember to wear shoes that are broken in so that you are comfortable getting around.


Gloves can hinder your performance if they are too large. When you have the right-sized gloves, you can protect your hands from a paintball blow and other common injuries like scrapes, thorns, splinters, and cuts.

You can wear any gloves if they offer a form of protection and allow you to move your fingers properly. Paintball gloves and special work gloves are the best paintball attire for long-term players.

It’s Time to Play Paintball!

Now that you know what to wear when you play paintball, it’s time to get out there!

Unless you plan to be a long-term player, you don’t need the best paintball clothes you can find. Old clothes that make you feel comfortable and cover your skin will work just fine.

What are you waiting for? Find your gear and enjoy the game.

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