Top 5 Restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria

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Make your visit to Lagos even more memorable by having delicious food. Here are the top 5 best restaurants in the town.

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria. It has an island and mainland and both of them have some amazing tourist attractions. The striking views and tourist spots attract many tourists across the world to Lagos. On the other hand, it is also a major financial center in Africa and it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Due to its growth and possible business opportunities, many business professionals visit Lagos to explore possible business synergies. Whatever the reason is, when someone visits any new country or city in the world, he/she can’t resist checking one thing. Can you guess what? It’s food. Of course, tourists and visitors like to visit major tourist spots and want to participate in must-do activities, but the first and foremost thing is checking the food. Tourists love to try authentic food of Africa, first and foremost. If the stay is an extended one, they wish to have their regular food or fast food. If you want to visit Lagos or you are already in Lagos, this article shares the top 5 best restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa.

1. Circa NonPareil

It is one of the famous restaurants in Lagos, and its offerings deserve the first spot. It’s with multi-level building & situated at an easy to access location. One can have a breathtaking view of the ocean and the city. It has a restaurant that offers all different types of food. You can expect authentic African food, fast food, and even diet food here. It also has a lounge and a rooftop. One can choose to sit in the restaurant or on the terrace to have food. Also, one can enjoy signature cocktails at Circa which is difficult to find in any other restaurants or bars in Lagos. This restaurant stays open from 11 AM to 11 PM. It serves food, drinks, cocktails, etc. from 11 to 11. Also, it is best to have parties, conferences, and meetings. It provides exclusive services for the same.

2. Villa Medici

Villa Medici has been enjoying fame from last many years. It is influenced by European culinary. It is famous restaurants of locals in Lagos, Nigeria. It has recently renovated the building and launched its garden restaurant. It also has a small room for private parties which can accommodate up to 20 people. This restaurant has lunch timings from 12 PM to 3 PM and dinner timings from 6 PM to 10:30 PM.

3. Terra Kulture

It is a food court which has been promoting the culture of Nigeria since 2004. If you want to take the flavor of the best Nigerian Cuisine, just like Circa NonPareil, it is the place you must visit. You have plenty of choices to make an order such as locally grown and traditional gastronomic delights. Along with the food, its ambiance and décor are also very attractive. This Nigerian restaurant uses handcrafted wooden furniture. Also, it has a display of Nigerian art for visitors.

4. The Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli is one of the most modern restaurants in Lagos, but its offerings and ambiance have brought it in the list of best restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. It has a restaurant & bar area and it boasts about its contemporary and traditional offerings. It also offers traditional African food. It also offers some continental dishes to the guests. This restaurant also has a bar that offers drinks to the guests. This restaurant has a presence in two different places in Lagos to give easy access to quality food to its customers.

5. Veggie Victory

If you are vegan or vegetarian, your search ends here. It is the first ever vegan restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. The chef offers culinary creations and provides delicious vegetarian food. It also offers African authentic food by replacing meat with vegetarian ingredients. It supports healthy eating habits and that is why it doesn’t offer soft drinks or hard drinks. It only offers a drink made of seasonal fruits. This drink is known as “smoochies”.

These are the top 5 restaurants in Lagos, Africa. From all in one restaurant, Circa, to a completely vegan restaurant, Veggie Victory, all the best restaurants are now available at your disposal. Make your stay and visit fun with mouthwatering food in Lagos.

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