Top 7 Most Fun Apps and Tools to Create Cinemagraphs

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The recent technological trends have given rise to magical experiences. What seemed impossible years ago, is now not only conceivable but also accessible for anyone to use. One of the magical creations conceived by technological advances is the trend of creating Cinemagraphs.  While this new trend has recently gained recognition all over the world, Potter-heads were familiar with this idea long before it became a reality. Akin to the paintings hung on the wall of Hogwarts, cinemagraphs are still images with a certain element of movement. These are created by the agglutination of still pictures or video recordings.  Cinemagraphs create an illusion of movement that is visually stimulating.

In addition to being visually appealing, cinemagraphs are also a useful tool for marketing many businesses. Photographers create these images carefully, which can then be posted on the business’s social media website. The eye-catching result of these artworks attract more customers and stimulates them to take a break from scrolling and engage themselves in viewing the content of the image.

However, the creation of cinemagraphs is not only limited to photographers and social media enthusiasts. Essentially, any individual with a smartphone device can easily create these masterpieces. The following list of apps can assist the individual in creating the perfect cinemagraph:

1)MaskArt: Built for the iPhone, MaskArt is a popular on demand application that is available to users free of cost. This application provides individuals with an opportunity to merge GIFs and live images into a cinematographic image. Essentially, it has customized features that allow the users to select an aspect of the image that they would like to keep in motion. iPhone users can take advantage of this application to create and bring their images to life. To do this, users are required to upload the GIFs or videos to the application’s workspace and select a brush that suits their needs. MaskArt provides users with various brush sizes as well as opacity, to choose from. Hence users can control even the minute aspects of their image. Next, users can select the areas they desire to either freeze or animate. As a result, individuals can create their masterpieces easily!

2)Fotodanz: Fotodanz works exclusively on Android phones. This application can also be downloaded on any Android smartphone device, free of cost. Fundamentally, this application is simple to use. Thus individuals that look for simplicity can easily navigate through this app. Unlike the MaskArt, Fotodanz does not permit users to upload a video.

In contrast, users are required to use the app’s interface and the phone’s camera to capture videos. Following from this, users can select the areas they want to keep in motion and the ones that need to remain still. However, the only downside of using Fotodanz is that it only captures a video for short time frame of five seconds.

3)Cliplets: Cliplets is a free application designed for a Windows PC. This software is compatible with the older versions of 32- bit and 64- bit of Microsoft Windows including  Windows 7, Windows 8 and onwards. Similar to the functioning of the prior applications, Cliplet allows users to make cinematographic pictures from a ten-second video stored in the PC storage. Using this application is extremely feasible for individuals who are used to operate on a larger screen. However, users are required to transfer their video files to their PC before the usage of the application. Cliplets is extremely user-friendly, thus allowing users to find the process simple and convenient.

4)Clipgraph: Clipgraph is a multiplatform cinemagraph creation application, available to both Mac and PC users. It can be downloaded onto one’s device at a steep price of 54 pounds. Due to its high price, Clipgraph offers its users a sleek and luxurious experience. The license for use granted by the company permits the user to place it on two devices. Furthermore, the purchase comes with a money back guarantee. Hence, individuals can try out the features for a month and claim a full refund in case the software fails to meet their expectations. However, the application does not allow its users to share their images on social media platforms directly from the application. Moreover, Clipgraph also falls short in contrast to its competitors as it charges high rates and delivers just one feature.

5)Draw Motion-Motion picture: Draw Motion-Motion Picture is an application, also available for iPhone users. Although the application can be downloaded for free, users have to pay 2.19 pounds to eliminate the app’s watermark from the images. This software provides the users with the advantage of drawing a ‘mask’ over their videos. The element of the mask is essential as it permits the user to select an area that is supposed to stay still. This application is easy to use and presents the users with various filters to choose from. Individuals can crop and undo their actions, which allows them to construct their masterpieces easily.

6)Cinemagraph: For Android users, cinemagraph is the perfect application that is available free of cost. With this application, individuals can create amazing images in a few seconds. Users are required to film the video from the application’s interface and utilise the phone’s camera to film the video. As a result, this application prevents users from working with a video stored in the phone’s memory. Essentially, users have rewarded this application due to its user-friendly interface. First timers can navigate easily through the app and manufacture a captivating image to display. Furthermore, individuals can directly share the creative content on their social media accounts from the app.

7)Vimage: Vimage is available for both Android and iPhone users. As it is free of cost, any user can easily download it. Contrary to its competitors, this application allows users to work on the video after the addition of carefully designed filters. Thus, individuals can create their desired effects and add elegance to the quality of the video. With the apps above, the creation of cinemagraphs is simple and easy. Individuals can download the majority of these applications for free to create a work of art that can be hung on the walls of their social media profiles. In contrast to still images, cinemagraphs can allow the pictures to be alluring and enticing!

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