Ultimate Guide to Cleaning After Moving

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Moving seems like a never-ending task and reaching at your new place and getting everything unpacked seems like a blessing. The best thing a move brings with it is a clean house as each and every corner of your new house is spic and span for at least for first few days. To keep your house as clean as it is in the beginning, you can keep in mind the following points.

Develop the Habit of Cleanliness

Cleanliness should be an addiction if you want to keep your home and surroundings clean. Relocating is the best time to improve your habits especially if you’re basically a messy person. Take encouragement from the new and clean house and make a resolution to keep it like this forever.Start making smaller efforts like washing dishes right after each use.

Create a Warm and Green Environment at Your Front Door

Most of the dirt and bacteria reach your home with your dirty shoes so develop the habit of taking off your shoes at the front door. You can place a storage unit beside your front door to avoid a mess. Along with this, make your front door as a welcoming place. Decorate it with green plants and statues. It will encourage you to keep your whole house clean. A cleaner and greener front door omits negativity from surroundings.

Keep Your House Clutter-Free

Initially when we settle and organise our new place, everything is at its place and can be found easily but as time passes, we start collecting clutter. Be sure that the things you are keeping are of some use. Place similar things together as it will save you both money and energy.

Have an Organized Life, Start with the Morning Chores

Habit of making your bed right after you get up in the morning will keep you organized throughout the day. Making bed is a process of only a few minutes.

Keep the Surrounding Air Clean

Cleaning a house is not only dusting, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming, we should also be concerned about the quality of indoor air of our house. Indoor pollution can affect health and atmosphere of your home. Effective AC units can be installed to create healthy and airy atmosphere in home. Look for the proper ventilation and air conditioning of the home atmosphere. Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of duct and spit systems of the house. Get your AC unit installed by professionals to ensure that it is working properly.

Indoor air quality can also be improved by using air purifiers and indoor houseplants. Indoor plants effectively remove airborne toxins and allergens from the air. Limit the use of harmful chemical based cleaning products instead switch to healthy and green cleaning products.

Keep Handlooms like Drapes, Curtains and Rugs Clean

Rugs, Carpets, Drapes, and pillowcases look beautiful when we start using them. But these are the things that attract dust the most. Ensure their regular cleaning. Deep cleaning of these fabric based items is a must to have an actually clean house. You can clean covers, drapes, pillowcases, bed sheets, cloths, and towels in the washing machine but get your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned on regular basis.

As Moving Feedback takes care of your moving requirements, you better focus on these aspects and make your house clean after a move.