Virgin Human Hair Weave Choose Guide for Beginner

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Wearing hair weave is the hottest trend by black women. Because these can instantly add volume, length, and fuller look to their hair. Hair waves are beneficial in upgrading your look and make you look alluring. So, purchasing Malaysian weave bundles or Brazilian hair bundles for sale is a perfect choice. But before that you must want to know what weave hair is, why should you get a weave, and what are the things you want to consider before getting weave hair. Let’s start.

1. What Is Weave Hair?

Human or artificial hair means hair extensions that are applied to natural human hair by various methods like sewing, gluing and clipping.

2. Why You Should Get A Weave?

Having a hair weave in your head make has many benefits that urge someone to pick it to ease their life. Let’s read some amazing things about hair weave.

2.1 Protect natural hair

Some women think that wearing hair bundles can damage their hair. But this is not the case.

When wearing hair bundles you do not need to apply or use any chemical products or heated styling tools to make your natural look good. All of this harshness applied to your hair. So, your natural hair remains protected. Not only that it helps your natural hair growth and encourages thickness.

2.2 Good breathability

Another great thing of hair weave is it does not dehydrate your scalp. Here is the airflow of going in and out.

There will be no suffocation in your hair that irritates. Getting a great quality of hair bundles provides good breathability that is excellent for your hair.

2.3 Low Maintenance

Another thing that you might also think is, getting hair weaves to make you maintain it more. Don’t worry, let us show you the whole picture.

You do not need to spend much time styling your hair. This is a good option to style your hair other than getting a short haircut.

Also, if you are on vacation or outside, you do not need to worry about frizz that can be caused by humidity and sun. Wear the hair bundles and enjoy the moment.

2.4 Low commitment

If you want to dye your hair or want to change hair length, wearing hair bundles gives you the versatility to do it freely. You do not need your hair to grow to avoid the look which you do not like.

You can wear the hair waves for a few days or months as you like to have that look.

3. Buy Hair Weave Before You Need to Consider Something

Considering some points before you buy hair weave will make you get the exact kind of hair weave you want whether Malaysian weave bundles or Brazilian hair bundles for sale.

3.1 What Texture Is You Love

The first thing that is crucial to consider is what texture you love. There are various textures like body wave, straight, deep wave, Italian curly, deep curly, loose wave, kinky curly, kinky straight.

If you do not know what texture would suit you, do not worry. Go on and buy one of each or explore social media from Ula Hair and see what texture and see what suits others and one that you think will flatter you the most.

3.2 How Many Bundles You Need?

This is the most anticipated question that any woman asks. Because now you have decided the texture but how many bundles will perfect to apply on your head.

The good thing is options are available to select bundles count. But usually, 3 bundles are enough. If you have a big head or want to have voluminous hair, you can choose 4 bundles to apply to your head.

3.3 Your Budget

If you have any kind of limitation on your budget or you do not want to spend much on your first try, there are various options. For example, human hair is least expensive than virgin hair. You can try this.

3.4 What Human Hair Type You Love.

There are multiple human hair types i.e., Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair. You can select your favorite among these.

For more info, each hair type either Malaysian weave bundles or Brazilian hair bundles for sale is famous and has its own unique properties.

Peruvian hair is naturally shiny, coarse, lightweight. Malaysian hair is wavy soft and extra shiny. Brazilian hair is soft, coarse, and thick.

3.5 What Grade You Want ToChoose.

Women confuse about hair grades when select weave hair. Here in short words, we tell you what hair grade to select among 12A, 13A, 14A.

If you want to save money while purchasing a hair grade, 12A is perfect. Not only it is cost-effective and saves money, but it is also a worthwhile choice. Also, if you opt to change your wig or hairstyle frequently, 12A is the best choice.

If you are confused about choosing a hair grade between 12A or 14A, 13A is a confident choice. This hair grade is between 12A and 14A and you have a sufficient budget then nothing can stop you from purchasing 13A.

The highest quality hair grade is 14A. If you are too busy or feel lazy to replace and use hair weave often then top quality 14A is best for you.

3.6 Hair Color

Every woman wants to keep her hair natural looking; hair color contributes to it.

In daily life, if you want natural-looking color and do not want to change hair color then natural black is excellent.

If you want to try different looks by changing hair color, then 613 hair is perfect because it can be dyed very well than other hairs.


After understanding all about hair weaves either Malaysian weave bundles or Brazilian hair bundles for sale, you must want to buy the one according to your needs. For that, having a trusted online fashion wig store is an advantageous situation. Now you go and starting filter one online fashion wig store among many. Let’s end your chase, Ula Hair is trusted by thousands of customers for many years. You can buy gorgeous hair weaves of high quality and make you look amazingly attractive.

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