Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

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A washing machine has become a mandatory part of the home appliances. Just remember the days, when the womenfolk of your family worked on the weekends and at the end of every day to wash the dirty clothes. Now, the washing machine has become the savior in recent urban homes. For the laundry. And in an unfortunate situation, if the washing machine encounters a problem? Then it has to get fixed as soon as possible.

Common Washing Machine Problems 

The most common are making use of detergent, and leakage of water. There are also others that need the services of a professional to identify the real source of the problem. And then they have to do the repairs. But every home improvement expert advice on the part of maintenance. In this article, we focus on the common washing machine problems and solutions.

Is The Washing Machine Not Working?

Did the appliance forget to start, when you put on the switch? Then it may be a simple reason. Right from power to motor to lid switch


You can use a multi meter to check if the outlet has the required voltage. Do you find electricity flowing to the appliance? Then check the electrical panel. There might be a tripping problem. Sometimes, the outlet may have a problem, and you need to hire an electrician to rectify the problem.


Does the motor of the washing machine get overheated? Then you have to allow it to get cooled. Does the overheating problem occur rarely? Then it is not a problem. But if it happens on a regular basis, you should find out the source of this problem.

Lid Switch

A washing machine is designed in such a way that it should stop working when you open the lid. You can find the lid switch beneath the lid. For the washing machine to turn on, you need to shut off the lid. Please check if the switch is in good working condition

Drainage Problems

How do you find if your washing machine has a drainage problem? By the water on the floor. The reasons could be many – It could be a clog in the drain hose or the situation may need the replacement of a pump.

Parts You have to Check

You have to first check the drainage hose. This part might have become clogged. So you should check it for any blockage. You can make use of the garden hose to remove any blocks in the hose

Drain Pump

Do you feel that the drain pump has a blockage? Then you should drain the tub as the first task. Then you have to check the hose for any items. The inlets of the pump should also get checked. If you have a pump, that works by belts, then it can break or get burned. Then you will have to spend more to get the appliance back in working condition, apart from hiring the services of a washing machine repair expert.

Other Items

There are chances that the coins, pens, and socks are stuck between the tub and basket. Then it will result in a drainage problem. The cabinet has to be opened, and then you can check for any obstruction.

Washing machine problems and solutions


Did you use the detergent specified by the manufacturer? If not, you would have used one which gives suds. If the amount of suds are more, then the washing machine will not get activated.


Have you read the article? Then please note, it is very easy to hire a handyman professional in quick time. If you are living in an urban city, kindly check if you have home care companies which provide doorstep repair services. If they are present, kindly download their app and book the service as per your convenience. Any type of home repair problem will get fixed in quick time.

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