How Can NDIS Help Participants in Their Job Search

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Employment is a significant aspect of daily living. Nothing beats the fulfillment of being able to support yourself because you have a career. However, not everyone finds it easy to land a job or go to work every day. 

People with disabilities often have issues with traveling to work and performing their jobs. But many others couldn’t even get the courage to submit applications and attend interviews.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides various kinds of support to make a participant job-ready in every aspect.

Can The NDIS Help Disabled Individuals Find A Job?

NDIS helps job-seeking participants through funding or financial assistance. Funds will be charged against their Capacity Building Support budget, under the subcategory ‘Finding and Keeping a Job.’

Although the NDIS will do everything it can to help, getting hired would depend on how the participant fared in the interviews. Rest assured, when the NDIS plan manager refers their client to a potential employer, that institution has the facilities that can accommodate a disabled or special needs person.

Lastly, the NDIS can also help participants with their employment through transportation funds, especially when going on interviews and meeting with companies face-to-face whenever required. 

What Does The NDIS Cover In Employment Support?

Below are some of the NDIS-covered items, but not limited to:

Resume Writing Assistance

Most plan management clients who sought jobs were first-timers and had no experience writing a cover letter or creating a résumé. Fees used to fund a support worker’s time in helping a participant to write his résumé would be covered by NDIS.

Overcoming Employment Barriers

Disabled and special needs people have an inferiority complex to deal with. NDIS pays for the fees of a specialist who would help break these barriers.

Counseling To Help With Employment

Whether it’s their first time or not, participants would benefit from NDIS-funded counseling to make them job-ready.

Workplace Assessments And Training

NDIS sees through that its beneficiaries’ workplaces are safe and welcoming. It also equips them with paid training to increase their competitiveness and chances of being hired.

Support Before And During Job Interviews

Face-to-face and virtual interviews can be intimidating. NDIS sponsors sessions that help make its participants comfortable when answering questions during these conferences.

Can The NDIS Continue Support Even During Employment?

Fortunately, even when the disabled individual gets the job, participants can still use funds on any expenses relevant to their disability.

The NDIS can cover the following necessary aspects:

  • Transportation funds to and from work
  • Employment assessment and counseling
  • On the job training requirements to help manage job demands
  • Personal supports (e.g., support worker)
  • Workplace-specific supports (e.g., modifications and assistive equipment)

How Plan Management Can Help The Participant With Employment

  • Access to more options like career counselors, life coaches, and employment mentors
  • You have control over your providers
  • Your plan manager does everything, including payments on your behalf and dealing with claims
  • Proper budgeting and allocation by keeping track of funds
  • In-depth knowledge of finances, claims, and budgets through the guide of your plan manager
  • Your plan manager takes care of financial reports for you


Disabled persons get a wide range of career benefits with NDIS. Seeking the help of an NDIS plan manager makes the job search a lot easier with the coaching, counseling, referral, and mentoring that comes with it.

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