Digital Marketing Strategies: Facebook Marketing

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Understanding Facebook

What started as a fun room, Facebook has now grown to be a behemoth in the advertising field. Facebook has grown to a stage without which Digital Marketing is a shortfall. With monthly users at a staggering 8.3 billion active users, 1.84 billion users visiting it daily, covering 59 per cent of all social media users, $24.9 billions in ad revenues for fourth quarter of 2021, 200 million small businesses using the tool, 98.3 users accessing it through mobiles devices, Facebook is not something that can be overlooked or taken lightly in Digital Marketing. 

Facebook is many things for many people. For the younger audience, it is a great place for entertainment, fun and or connectivity with their friends; for families, this is a great way to connect with long loved ones in Best SEO Agency Sydney, Australia, post their updates and remain connected to distant family members and friends; for professionals, business owners, small-time entrepreneurs and freelancers, Facebook is a great marketplace and opportunity platform to find their potential customers and suppliers, and to reach their advertisements to their potential markets and audiences in their own budget and style.

As a media, Facebook is a publishing platform for multiple types of content that includes text, pictures and videos along with relevant  links, keywords and hashtags.

As a communication platform per se, you can use Facebook messenger to send direct messages to your connections. As a broadcast media, you telecast and live telecast events, classes and symposiums. Moreover, you can tell your stories and share your moments, jokes and social concerns besides seeking donations and funding for your projects and ventures. 

It is a great way to connect your brand with your audience and boost its reputation through regular posts through Facebook Timeline, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads.

Marketing Features of Facebook

Facebook offers a plethora of features to promote products and services. Here are the various features you can really put to great use to catapult your sales.

Facebook Marketplace: This is a perfect online marketplace to list your products and sell right away. Facebook will show your products to the local audience with its Hyper Local Targeting increasing your chances of your products getting found by the building found by the local area residents.

In the Facebook Marketplace, you can market any kind of products or services ranging from electronics, furniture, household products, vehicles, apparels, office supplies, real estate, sporting goods or any conceivable products or services.

You have the additional ability to categorize your listing with the option to list within specific or topic categories. Moreover, you can add product or category or special interest hashtags to your product listings that will make your products retrievable and found by those who look for products and services under these hashtags.

You can share your product listings to relevant Facebook groups for increasing your listing;’s visibility.

Facebook Ads: With theFacebook Ads feature, you can create different types of ad campaigns. Once you select Create Ads, it will lead you to the Facebook Ads Manager section. Here, you can create three types of campaigns: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion

Awareness Stage: Here, you can ads for Brand Awareness and Reach. If you are a new venture and like to create as much visibility for your brand and brand assets like your logo, product images, product’s Unique Selling Propositions and such things, this is a great place to start.

Consideration Stage: This stage is ideal for those of the brands that already have a foothold in the market and are looking for interaction, engagement, website visits and leads. Campaign options available here are Traffic, Engagements, App installs, Video views, Lead generation and Messages. 

Conversion Stage: In this stage, mostly companies and brands who have already themselves as a brand and command authority in the niche they are operating will create ads to get final or end results of the sales funnel which are online sales, store physical visits and sales leads. They can achieve such direct and final actions by choosing either of the following campaign choices: Conversions, Catalogue sales and Store traffic.

Events: You can use Facebook Events to effectively promote your upcoming events. The Events feature allow you to create two types of events: 

Online Events: Online Video Chats with Messenger Rooms, Facebook Live Broadcasts or external links

In Person: Direct Physical Events with people getting together at a real place

You can create an Event by clicking the + symbol and selecting Events and again selecting any one of the sub-categories Online Events or In Person. As youcreate the event, you have to name it and choose start and end dates and time. Along with one of the three options: Messenger Rooms, Facebook Live or External Link. You can add a short description of the event and cover photo in the relevant places.For Online Event, you have to give the URL of the meeting link or any other external link. For the physical event, you have to give the actual location of the meeting place. You may also link a Facebook page related to the event. Then you can invite a maximum of 500 contacts from groups that you have either created or joined, and/or from your Friends and Acquaintances. You can advertise your Event through Paid Promotion and target the relevant audience. 

Stories: You can create and post your messages using the Stories feature in the Text or Image formats and publish. You can use the Facebook templates to create your posts and just share so that you get more visibility for your business. You may share your logo, new products or offers to get instant connectivity with your audience.

Pages: You can create your brand page on Facebook with all elements reflecting your brand in all essence and keep posting your quality content consistently and grow your brand and authority. 

Groups: You can create Groups for different purposes separately or within your Facebook pages, invite people of relevance and build a community for long term connectivity and collective activity which strengthens your topline and eventually helps your bottomline. Never ever dilute your branding across any of your posts and communication. Do it all in the professional way.

Audience Targeting through Facebook

You can target a specific audience through the following ways in Facebook with the help of the best SEO freelancer Melbourne:

  • Organically reach your Followers/Acquaintances/Friends and general/open audience through Timeline, Brand Pages, and Groups.
  • To special interest groups and audiences of specific topics through hashtags, ads promoted posts, and other paid forms of promotion.
  • Through Facebook Ads, a specific audience can be targeted by selecting the audience criteria like locations, income levels, interests, job titles and with additional audience selection filters.


Create a great strategy, stick to a marketing plan and execute it with precision without compromising on your brand equity, content quality, and consistency. Success is all yours in Creative Web Design Services in Sydney from Blurn.

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