What does an MCA course have in store for you?

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What comes to your mind when you think about futuristic technology? I am sure it is a sci-fi image your mind probably projects from some film you watched. In reality, the future is being made right now and the Masters in computer application- MCA Course is one of the top courses that has taken the baton to revolutionize modern industries.

The MCA Course is a two-year post-graduate programme for students and professionals who aspire to dive deeper into the world of computer programming and strengthen their hold on the ins and outs of applications and resources in hardware as well as software aspects of computers. Information and data is the most vital tool of the modern man and colleges like NIET, Noida and JIMS Rohini are important colleges that invoke knowledge and practicality in aspiring tech geeks.

Eligibility criteria for MCA Course

Technology touches every life in today’s world and with the diverse career prospects that it offers, a lot of people are looking to jump into the sea of possibilities and make an impact in the world. The eligibility criteria for MCA Courses are that an aspiring candidate must have completed their graduation with a BCA/B.Com/B.Sc/BA degree and passed 10+2 with mathematics as a subject. Some colleges like NIET, Noidaraise the bar a little higher and put a cutoff of 50-60% marks in graduation.

Like every other industry-standard course, MCA is a blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. During the course of the programme, students are introduced to various tools designed to develop high functioning and more efficient computer software and applications. The program also provides students with practical insights into the real-time working of computer systems and software. A plethora of career opportunities, in top industry firms, await a student after completing the MCA Course.

Top specializations

The diverse world of computers is far from unidimensional. With the technology being used in almost every industry, there are a lot of different streams one can specialize in. There is a sea of information in this domain, which can be consumed and precisely applied and thus, a lot of different sub-courses exist out there one can choose from. The various specialisation under MCA Coursesare as follows-

  • Application software analysis
  • Hardware technology
  • Internet
  • Information systems management
  • Digital Networking
  • Software development

These elements put together make up the larger canvas of computer applications and are all equally essential and important. Colleges like NIET, Noidaand Christ university help students pick their area of interest and build tools that direct them in a specific direction with the utmost focus.

Skills acquired from MCA courses

MCA Courses are primarily skill-developing and carve out tools to be used in the dynamic world of computers. High-level problem-solving scenarios are in the focus and a hardware or software developer is subjected to real life, industry-grade problems from which they can derive their voice of problem-solving. Some of the core skills learned in the degree are:

  1. Data structures
  2. Programming
  3. Object-oriented designing and analysis
  4. DBMS
  5. Statistical computing
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Computer architecture

Job Opportunities after an MCA

A plethora of opportunities awaits an MCA Course graduate. From projects to high-paying jobs, there is a lot of interesting and dynamic work available in the field. Computers consist of a lot of elements. From the hardware like the CPU, keyboard, monitor and mouse to the depth of software which is never-ending, a computer is capable of a lot of tasks that are much more difficult in a world without technology. The various jobs you can get into after graduating from good colleges like NIET, Noidaare:

  1. App developer
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Trouble-shooters
  4. Technical writers
  5. Social media handler
  6. Database engineer
  7. Ethical hacker
  8. Manual tester
  9. Hardware engineer
  10. Web designer or developer

The key to a great MCA Course is the balance it strikes between theory and the hands-on, practical aspects of learning. No matter if you work in a software or hardware related job, It is important to get your hands dirty in the field and learn by doing, rather than just sitting with a book.


It would be safe to say that computers are the future of the world. From our smartphones to huge electronic machines, everything is a computer in one form or the other. It becomes important to realise the need for a formal education to climb higher up the ladder. MCA Courses raise the bar way too high and build a professional with a comprehensive aptitude for knowledge.

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