Why does stretching feel so good?

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Nothing feels as good as waking up in the morning, or even before that, you get out of bed. It is only a matter of time when you are (hopefully) curled up in a dream for eight hours. But believe it or not, there really are some real biological arguments as the morning feels so good that it encourages you to take a few moments after the initial wow king with your hands on your head. After all, why not give yourself a little extra time before you start the day?

Why does stretching feel so good?

Stretching feels good for several reasons:

1.Stretching improves circulation

Humans have engineering defects, in fact in all animals: blood capillaries that bring oxygen, glucose, and every other requirement to make muscle cells contract.At the same moment that the muscle works, and it needs oxygen, glucose and everything else, and most importantly to rid itself of toxic products of metabolism, the capillaries are at least able to provide it.Stretching reverses, the muscle and deprives the muscle of what it needs and what it does not need. This can be a reason why pulling feels good.

2.Stretching brings relief

The tiny nerve cells inside the muscle send signals to the brain’s resting centers (among others), stretching the muscles and forming tendons for about 0-40 seconds, producing normal relaxation. Another reason stretching feels good.

3.Stretching reverses muscle contraction

Muscles work by contraction. Pulling them out makes something unfamiliar and unlike any unnecessary chronic contractions – so many of us have muscles.The reason why stretching feels good is why we need stretching in the first place.

Right now, majority of the people are suffering from tight muscles and tight joints the way they live everyday life for the rest of their lives. Most people spend most of their days sitting at home and spending time, whether at work, in their car or at home.Our bodies adapt to the places we spend most of our time. This leads to tight muscles and tight joints. This tightness leads to compensation in other areas of the body, which can lead to pain and injury.

If a person has pain due to stiffness in another area of ​​the body, then pulling out the tight muscles will reduce the compensation and then the pain will decrease.Being tight and stiff also limits movement and the person can move in a sub-form. This suboptimal movement can also cause pain and injury. Excluding these specific areas can reduce this pain. It always feels good to have less pain!

If performed properly, active stretching can also increase the active range of motion, allowing you to move and perform better in life and in the gym.Stretches feel good and tighten muscles and / or fascia to reduce pain. This is due to increasing the length of the muscle / fascia and reducing tightness in a particular area.When you boil it, stretching will increase your performance, reduce the risk of injury and reduce pain. All three will increase the quality of life of the person, which will make it look terrible!

4.Stretching releases endorphins

When we do physical activities in our body, especially the pituitary gland releases endorphins. Stretching is one of the many activities that release endorphins. Endorphins act as neurotransmitters and their composition is similar to that of morphine.When we experience this, our bodies respond by releasing endorphins that relieve the painful eating sensation and can activate the state of pleasure. When we pull, we apply this situation very lightly and, in that way,, when we feel a pleasant feeling while pulling.

5.Stretching produces endorphins.

Stretching feels good on many levels. At the macro level, like other exercises, stretching sessions cause the brain to produce endorphins that are chemically similar to opiates and which stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers.At the microscopic level, the simple action of stretching stimulates the nerve endings in the muscle to indicate that the muscle is moving properly, which is the opposite of reading pain when there is hypertrophy.The muscles must be stretched to normal endurance and limits and the pleasurable sensation is the body’s way of ensuring that the movement is repeated.

6.Stretching can have a positive effect on your day while you sleep.

If you like most people, you start the day by sitting in bed, stretching your head and your arms over the ship. What most people don’t know is that it’s called a pandiculation and it plays an important role in rebuilding your muscles after sleeping overnight in this condition and releasing blood flow, because before you wake up, your heart rate is at its lowest level. Think of the morning stretch in the form of your body cup of coffee, it has been proven to relieve you of your organs, stress. This perfect view of the loose muscles has increased blood flow, and good feelings are the best way to start the day.Here are some other ways to help you during the day:

Reduces stress

Prolonged stress can cause many unwanted reactions in your body, including anxiety, fatigue and stress. Stretching throughout the day has been shown to reduce stress, and is a great tool for combating anxiety and depression when combined with breathing techniques. Are You Super Stressed? How About A Thai Massage?

You can also check out druggenius.com for a complete guide to relieving stress and anxiety.

Reduces pain and inertia

Static stretching has been described by medical professionals as a way to reduce or eliminate excessive muscle tension and discomfort throughout the body. When done properly every day it reduces inertia, reduces pain levels and reduces the frequency of muscle cramps.

Improving mental and physical health

Regularly P.N.F. Stretching, static stretching, and stretching on mind and body topics like Karma yoga can help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. Resistance of the body’s physiological responses to stress and muscle strain.

Reduce the chances of injuries

The more flexible you are at the movement of your limbs and major body parts, the harder it is to push yourself too hard during a workout if you fall, or accidentally put your body in an awkward position. It helps to increase the uncontrolled movement of the major joints of the body including key areas like hip, shoulder, knee and neck.

7.Stretching relieves nerve pressure and improves circulation.

Nerves pass through the muscles to get to those parts of the body that are far away from the spine. When muscles and ligaments are tight, they tighten, constrict, and inflame tight nerves, resulting in inflammation of the nerves and infected areas.

When you stretch, you release undue pressure on that nerve and thus feel a feeling of “stiffness and pain”. In addition, the blood vessels pass through tight areas, destroying new blood and nutrients through those areas. Stretching allows new blood to increase blood circulation to those areas so they can get oxygen and nutrients.

Stretching looks great for many reasons

On a personal level, like someone who has been practicing and teaching yoga for almost 20 years, yoga helped me learn to experience my body again. Yoga brought me to my knees towards the eating disorder, numbing all emotions and inner connection.Slow mindfulness is a way of holding hands and telling you to live with all your emotions, no matter how big or small. Sit with them, and breathe. I believe that stretching feels great because when you are present with what is going on in the body, it will no longer be the enemy.

How to improve body health through stretching?

The way you give fresh oxygen and awaken your body before your workout, it is also worth doing this moderate workout. You will be refreshed and active again when you need to go through difficult moments.

This not only protects against injuries, but also helps assess your routine and fatigue levels, whether you need to improve your routine, or give your body a break if it is lacking in function. Taking a little longer lets you feel the feeling in your body, pay attention to the heartbeat, where you feel tired or stressed and then allow you to continue in a smart way. This is the reason why does stretching feel good.

Helps to remove it from the stretching system. Lactic acid build-up can lead to fatigue and pain, which interferes with your performance during the rest of the workout. Stretching relaxes the muscles and helps dissolve the accumulated lactic acid.

Reducing tight parts in connective tissue by lengthening and stretching the muscles will give your body more freedom of movement. If you are doing repetitive or strength training exercises, it stops the muscles according to your work, so when you go to do a new exercise, it is best to recreate the length of the movements when it comes to knowing why does stretching feel good. For example, if you are in the lungs, take a quad and a hamstring stretch before going to a squat. This way, your squat will be better. Certainly, it would be nice if we could be late and done with workouts when we finished, but research suggests that people who don’t take time off after workouts will pay later, more risk for sore throats and stiff muscles and injury.

Improved circulation of blood by stretching relaxes the muscles and this helps to direct oxygen. As the heart rate decreases after exercise, you give your body time to actually regain blood flow, which if you stop without pulling, the recovery process begins much faster.

The deeper the deep grip, the more stable stretching will give you longer access to many areas of your body at the end of your workout – more than if you had reached the pre-workout.

When you make lactic acid by stretching, you are also relaxing the muscles and letting the stuck ribs, body fluids and blood flow anywhere without being ‘stuck’, which often causes cramps.Dehydration can also be a factor in stretching after a workout, so we suggest sprinkling a little water when you stretch.

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