5 Instructions For Women To Advance Your Exercises This Summer

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The perfect season of the year, summer is here. It is that time when you like to go outside, have fun, go for outdoor activities, or hit the beach. It can be a bit overwhelming to work out in a warm-weather after exercising in colder temperatures. If you have not been into any workouts lately, then it is not too late to start your exercise routine. So, here are five instructions for women to advance your exercises this summer.

1. Add yoga to your day

Yoga is a superb exercise to perform in the outdoors. It is beneficial for your mind-body harmony, strength, and awareness. Summers are the best time to practice yoga outside when the weather is warm, and the heat feels good. There are so many yoga poses ranging from beginner, intermediate, to advanced postures.

It is especially beneficial for women due to the various body changes that happen in their lifetime. When you practice yoga outside, you get Vitamin D, which is essential for you to increase your productivity.

It is also perfect for women to improve their body’s flexibility. Stretching your muscles will increase blood circulation and relax your mind and body.

Women who only do weight training exercises lack flexibility. So, you can advance your workouts with yoga and improve your flexibility. When you practice yoga regularly, your body becomes more flexible in a short amount of time.

Yoga is also a way to relieve stress and bring mental peace. When you are in the right frame of mind, you will find more time to enjoy more outdoor activities to do in the summer. Incorporate it into your daily routine, and you will notice how it benefits in your other forms of exercise. read more about HOW TO BUILD ARM MUSCLES FAST FOR FEMALES

2. Practise Drop Sets

If you think your strength training has hit a plateau and if your reps and weights are not increasing, then adding a drop set to your exercises this summer is the right thing to do. A drop set is a technique of continuing strength training with more comfortable loads with minimum rest interval until muscle failure occurs.

Suppose you completed three sets of squats with 55 pounds of weight till muscle fatigue. All Drop set calls for is to continue a 4th set lifting s reduced weight of 40 pounds. It helps in faster muscle hypertrophy and squeezes every ounce of strength in your muscles during the workout, thus giving you more visible results in a shorter time frame.

For busy women, drop sets can help you finish your training faster and according to a study in half the time of regular training. Most women athletes also use Anavar to increase fat loss and build muscle. Anti-Estrogen Syn Pharma should be taken after consulting with a professional and after understanding the right dosage.

Muscles can make you look slimmer and toned up for a summer beach body. So, ladies start using drop sets to speed up the growth of your muscles and to gain more strength. Since it is a high-intensity workout, follow this with only some exercises of your workout sessions to avoid injuries from over-training.

3. Take care of your Glutes

Ladies, it is time to show some love to your glutes. Your abs and your ass support your back. You have got to work on each of them for a strong core, lower back, and glutes. Exercises that help in strengthening your glutes are squats, lunges, fire hydrant, and donkey kicks. These exercises train your core and buttocks and enhance your back too.

Having strong glutes means you got healthy knees, which allows you to do most of the exercise without getting injured. In general, women have a more robust inner thigh and leg muscle as compared to men. So, make these muscles stronger because they have a lot to see from delivering babies, climbing mountains, to carrying groceries.

4. Use An Exercise Ball

To advance your workouts, you must also lead an active lifestyle. According to some studies, sitting for an extended period has more health risks despite having an hour of daily workout. It increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in women, slowing down your metabolism and leading to obesity.

Don’t worry; an exercise ball is at your rescue. A study showed that sitting on exercise balls improved posture and energy levels. It activated the lower body muscles and enabled burnout of more calories. An exercise ball is apt for increasing your workout intensity and for improving body stability. It focuses on core muscles like the pelvic, lower back, and abdominal muscles, which are responsible for your posture.

You can practice using an exercise ball to perform exercises like bench press, shoulder press, squats, hamstring curls, and push-ups. Start with lower weight balls to let your body adjust to this new form of exercise.

5. Prioritize your meal

Talking about exercise is incomplete without discussing your meal. Late-night binging, cheat meals 2-3 times a week, or overeating sugary-items are not healthy habits to contribute to your workouts. As per studies, your waistline is dependent on your meal timings. One should avoid consuming heavy meals post 3 pm to reduce weight gain and lose more weight. So, have a light dinner that is easy to digest, light on your stomach, and have a meal that will help you in having a sound sleep.

Eating healthy, nutrient-rich food helps in improving your workout performance and recovery post-workout. Proteins are also crucial for muscle growth and performance. Along with protein, you should also have a carbohydrate-rich meal before a workout. It can help you in doing a high-intensity workout or exercising for an extended period. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, fats, and amino acids.


So ladies, now that you know how to train and tone your muscles this summer, start implementing. Working out doesn’t always need a “get a slim beach body” as a reason. Instead, it should make you feel strong and healthy inside-out. Make your exercise fun by doing it with your girl-gang, joining some groups, or taking up some 30-days challenge. While you are up to these activities, remember to keep yourself hydrated. The warm weather will make you sweat more, which can lead to dehydration. Adequate fluid intake will keep you hydrated and prevent muscle fatigue. So, this summer, make your workout fun for a healthy you.

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