Different Types Of Custom T-Shirt Printing Methods

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Changing times, changing generations and changing styles. The ultramodern generation of youngsters has derived their own style-quotients. They are eager to get rid of the formulaic fashion trends. And have turned to design their own unique appearance. The possibility of wearing one’s own creativity made fashionistas gaga over custom-designed t-shirts.

Not only youngsters in eager search of new styles prefer custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts. It is also used by many business organisations to promote business. Most of the shops, supermarkets, eateries etc also custom-design t-shirts for their staff. It will aid both in promoting the business and ensure uniformity among the staff. 

Nowadays, there are firms like RazorPrint that facilitate custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts. They provide platforms to the customers for custom-designing of t-shirts. They also offer to deliver the t-shirts to the customer’s home anywhere in India free of cost. The industry that specialises in custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts have been gaining momentum viewing the additional conveniences offered to the customers.  

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A couple of techniques also have evolved for custom-printing of t-shirts. Those are Direct to Garment (DTG) and Screen Printing. It is for the customers to decide which type of printing they opt. The method to select will be based on the need, quantity required, image/ artwork/ font to be printed, style of the artwork, budget etc. The output or end result of both the techniques is different. The customer must have knowledge about DTG and Screen printing methods to determine which one he or she should choose.

A brief about both the methods of printing would be beneficial if you intend to go ahead with custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts.

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing

Of late, DTG is the most commonly used t-shirt printing method. The technique has been developed with the advancement in technology.

DTG doesn’t have any (any at all!) limitations with respect to colour, type and number of t-shirts to be printed. This method could be used for printing photographic realistic images. It can be used for a small number of t-shirts as well as large quantities (however, larger print runs using DTG are not advisable!). Due to the unlimited availability of colours, the image or artwork printed using DTG appears to be realistic.

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The printing cost is another factor that makes DTG favourite among people. It is minimal compared to Screen Printing. And the option of sample printing facilitates the customer to print one sample to consult others about design or other issues. The time taken for printing is also very less. use our latest t-shirt printing machine for small business.

The setting up cost of DTG printers is also less comparatively. Resulting in many firms taking up DTG.

You can go for DTG printing if,

  • The design is realistic/ photographic type
  • Has elaborate colours and requires unlimited colour options
  • Need to custom-design t-shirts in a short period of time
  • You require high-quality print
  • The number of custom-printed t-shirts is comparatively low

Screen Printing

Screen Printing method is advisable for custom-printing of a very large quantity of t-shirts. The method uses injecting the colour to the fabric through a woven mesh stencil. This method has a limitation with respect to colour and number of quantities. This technique necessitates the preparation of a special screen for each design. Owing to which, a minimum order quantity is necessary to recover the budget.

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The vital aspect of Screen Printing is that printing could be undertaken on any surface irrespective of the material. May it be fabric, plastic, metal or wood.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the high investment costs deter people from investing in the screen printing business.

Fix screen printing technique if,

  • You have a large batch of t-shirts for custom-printing
  • The colour scheme doesn’t require the usage of much variety of colours
  • The artwork is not realistic, but typographic designs or bold graphics
  • You want to print the same design on other gadgets as well, such as diaries, memento, wooden decorations etc

There is a third method for printing custom-designs on t-shirts, i.e. Sublimation printing. In this method, the image is initially printed on a paper and then it is transferred to the garment by heating. This method provides long-lasting colours and designs to t-shirts. Nonetheless, Sublimation printing is not a commonly used method of fabric printing.

There are numerous companies specialising on custom t-shirt printing. The best way to finalise the method to adopt is by discussing the requirement with the firms working on custom-designing and custom-printing of t-shirts. With experience in the field and guiding customers of varying requirements, they will be able to propose the best option that meets your requirement

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