10 Essential Elements of What Makes a Good Website

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Hiring a web designer is not enough for creating a good website. An array of elements, when put together, contribute to making a good website. Some of these are:

Content: Content is king. But this does not mean that you copy the content from a similar website. Or you re-phrase someone else’s words. Original and unique content is the king. If you think that you cannot come up with original content yourself, hire content writers. The creative writers will come up with different and relevant content for your website. Remember that offering something unique is the key to earning customers.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very crucial part of creating your website. You cannot just decide one day that you want to make a website and create one without following any rules. You need to abide by a set of rules while creating a website. Your site should comply with the Google algorithm. Because Google’s the boss. If you fail to meet the requirements that the boss has put forward, it will not rank you well. 10 Easy Steps to Become a Better Digital Marketer.

Update regularly: Creating the website and ghosting it won’t get you any viewers or customers. You need to keep adding fresh content to your website. You need to keep the viewers posted about all your recent offerings. Obsolete information is a big NO! For example, if someone visits Frontier Internet page, they expect to see the most recent packages. However, if the company has not updated them, they will lose a potential customer. Therefore, it is crucial to keep updating on regular basis. 

Add videos: Videos do a better job at making people stay on your website for longer than text does. This is because videos are considered to be more interesting, engaging and narrate in a short span of time what otherwise would have taken a 1000 words maybe. People find it tiring and cumbersome to read the text. But they enjoy watching videos. However, try to make your videos comprehensive yet informative and engaging.

Good quality pictures: Usually the visitors fancy going through good photographs that narrate a story. In fact, people are more interested in photographs than they are in the text. Therefore, try adding as much high quality (but relevant) pictures as possible. This will make your website attractive and more people will visit it.

Target audience: Keep in mind your target audience when creating your website. The content that you add on your site should be relatable for the viewers.

Landing page: The difference between a landing page and a home page is that a homepage provides a platform for the visitors to navigate to any other page that they wish to. While the purpose of a landing page is to convert the visitor on an offer. Your aim should be to make every page of your website, a landing page.

Blogs: Add blogs on your website. They provide you with a platform to discuss the latest happenings in the world with your audience. It also provides visitors with some interesting pieces of articles to read. In this way, the visitors remain engaged and are more likely to return to your website.

Number of Pages: In your quest to make a good website, don’t let the idea of ‘more is good’ let you drift away from your goal. Because the more the web pages that your website has, more the trouble. Always try to keep the number of pages to a minimum amount. An overwhelming amount of web pages is not what the visitors are looking for. Relevancy and conciseness are the words.  

Social media presence: Add links to your social media pages on your website. Make sure that you have a social media presence. Because this is the platform that will earn you advocates for your brand. You earn more loyal customers from social media than your website.


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