Retention Guide – Private number plate

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Many questions can arrive in your mind regarding the retention of your personalised number plate. Today, we will deal with these questions solved by the experts.

Can I keep the private number plate if I sell my car?

Yes, you can keep it if you scrap or sell your vehicle to which the personalised plate is attached. You have to fill out a V317 form that is present on the Government’s website for informing the respected authorities that the particular plate is required to be taken off your car.

You are allowed to apply for keeping your private number plate through an online medium with the condition that the car is registered with the DVLA. The car must be able to move on its own and is taxed. The DVLA has the authority to decide whether your car needs an inspection before the removal of the number plate. You will be informed timely. Read more about car show plates.

What is the way to keep the private number plate?

You have to fill out the form available on the Government’s website for the removal of the number plate. Certain circumstances like the demise of the number plate possessor insist you have to apply for the change via post. The form will provide you with multiple options regarding the happenings of the private number plate that can take place after the removal.

What is the cost of number plate removal process?

The cost is £80. You need to pay to get a new plate if required. In case, you re transferring your private number plate to any new car, you need a V5C registration certificate or the V5C/2 new keepers’ section of the previous owner’s V5C with the condition that you have only bought it.

Am I allowed to put the private number plate on a lease car?

Yes, you are allowed to do it. The easiest method to put your personalised number plate on a lease car is to pause until it is delivered to you. You have to approach the leasing company for arranging for naming them as the nominee. During this point of time, the number plate will be transferred to your lease car.

You have to coordinate with the leasing agency. Wait until it is given to you. You have to arrange for your private plate removal around a couple of months before the lease ends. Give consideration to the amount of time it needs for the processing of the application.

Can my old vehicle keep its original personalised number plate?

Yes, it can. Whenever you have arranged to have your private number plate taken off from your old vehicle, the DVLA will reassign the registration number plate the vehicle originally possessed. Now, if you have planned to sell your old vehicle, you must put the original number plate back onto it if you still have the plate.

Can I keep my private registration plate without attaching it to any other vehicle?

You have the choice to retain the registration number plate for up to 10 years without registering it any new car. You have to cover the application process for taking the plate off. You need to fill out the section mentioning the number plate retaining rather than transferring. You have to pay £80.

If you decide to hold on it for the extension of above 10 years, you have to send another V317 application form to the DVLA after the 10 years are over. It will do the renew of your ownership for another 10 years. Previously, it requires extra expenditure, but now, it is totally free.

Can I give away or sell my private registration plate to another person?

Yes, you can do it. You have to mention the person’s name on the V317 application form. It considers the aspect that you have decided to sell it privately or want to gift it to that person. After the completion of the processing of the application, the new owner will receive a retention document send from the DVLA which confirms the plate’s ownership.

Can I attach my private number plate on the financed car?

Yes, you can put it on a financed vehicle. You are the registered owner of the financed vehicle. Hence, you can apply directly to the DVLA for having your personalised number plate changed. Black and Silver Personalized Plate.

Just similar to a lease vehicle, if you have a PCP deal that you have no intention to pay the balloon payment on to possess the vehicle, you will have to methodise the personalised plate’s removal around a couple of months before the agreement comes to an end.

Here is your retention guide. If you have more queries, you can contact the DVLA or any authentic number plate dealer.

Kent Charlie

Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the personal number plate design. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favorites and he takes pride of that. He takes inspiration from Plates4Less which sells number plates for vehicles.

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