5 Top Notch Marketing Automation Tools to Look Out for in the Year 2019

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Marketing is primarily the backbone of all industries these days. Couple it up with automation, and you already have a winner on your hands. Marketing automation has spread from being a $500m industry to a whopping $1.2 billion industry, in a span of 2 years only. With this growth rate, one can just about imagine how much the industry is growing and how rapidly it will grow in the next few years.

For this very reason, multiple companies are popping up all over the place, promising to provide marketing automation services which cater to different industries. Given this immediate rise of options, a lot of companies are putting in a lot of thought in trying to understand the best software catering to their needs.

In lieu of this, let’s take a peek into the top marketing automation tools which are doing the rounds of the market these days, and how such software can help your business drive growth and efficiency:

1) Marketo: Being one of the most mature marketing tools, Marketo offers a bag full of features to its users. Each of the tools contained within the bouquet of services are aimed at helping users enhance their email campaigns, as well as provide a set of tools to the sales personnel. The personal marketplace, which is a part of the Marketo membership, is another step ahead which is often used to avail various integrations.

Marketo, as a tool provider, is ideal for companies who want to go beyond the nuances of basic automation. While this might not be the most expensive tool in the market, it’s not the cheapest either. Only when you begin to use the advanced features will you realize the true worth of Marketo and why it is important for marketing automation. Along with your membership, you even get access to their exclusive knowledge base, which is important for new users.

2) Eloqua: Eloqua comes fully loaded for action and performance. It’s designed to provide a full set of services, which are aimed at providing an exceptional level of service, which is equally matched with the price it is marketed at. Considered to be enterprise level software, Eloqua is ideal for companies which rely heavily on the expert knowledge and possess an expansive budget.

3) Customer.io: Flexibility is one of the most apt keywords which describes this tool. In other words, you will get exactly what you seek from this tool. Even though it is not out of this world, with a little bit of tweak here and there, you can make this tool work wonders for you eventually. Some features which make Customer.io one of the best tools is the fast UI, the personal attention from customer service, and the facility to trigger emails through events.

This tool is ideal for companies which are looking for marketing automation and which need a full set of automated services for their various marketing needs. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have some developers who can tweak the tool as per your needs, in order to get the most out of it.

4) Constant contact: Constant contact can prove to be an ideal tool for small businesses. It is simple, flexible, yet non technical, which makes it a preferred choice for a lot of businesses on a shoe string budget. Add the cost benefit to the list of advantages and you already have a winner on your hands.

Constant contact is tailor made for companies which are looking at initializing email marketing on an immediate basis. On the contrary, if you wish to expand your marketing horizons, then you should look at other options.

5) HubSpot: Possibly, one of the most well known marketing tools in the market, HubSpot deserves all the attention it can get. Tagged as inbound marketing software, HubSpot is good for companies which offer a bouquet of services, all under one roof. The tool is perfect for small businesses, and will provide an excellent array of different email marketing tools, which will prove to be quite beneficial for small businesses.

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