Best Practices for Speeding up Your Website

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Why must you focus over maintaining an adept uploading pace of own digital domain? Because:

  1. 70% of prospective online shoppers prefer to associate with a brand when its site speed is optimum
  2. 3.12 – 5 seconds is the Google-acknowledged span within which your site (whether at PC or mobile) must start working
  3. whether at the researching stage or actual buying phase – page speed plays a key role to influence the consumer in your favor
  4. when optimized for speed, business’ conversion benchmark has exhibited an 85X increase in real-time
  5. the major quotient of internet’s quality traffic desires pages with crucial content to ‘appear’ in no lesser than 8 seconds
  6.  when rightfully rapid, your website can boost the customer acquisition and retention strategy by a double-up percentage
  7. for the integrated videos and podcasts to begin, your ‘visitors’ are willing to wait for 10 seconds at the maximum and expect buffering as the last thing to experience
  8. about 80% of veteran marketers world-wide prioritize page speed as a prime factor to guarantee flawless UX
  9. a sluggish portal can affect your business with over $ 3 billion loss
  10. you become vulnerable to 76% of bounce rate
  11. reputed brands claim to experience around 10% loss over guaranteed-to-convert customers given to every additional second their portals have ‘consumed’ to load
  12. 53% of loyal consumers can think of leaving a business solely for its slow-functioning portal
  13. as of 2019, Google has cited page speed as a crucial page ranking yardstick

Quite much vital for your digital journey’s success, right? So focus now over the distinguished hacks to speed up own portal.

Source: Vision Web Creations