Five Creative Ways to Boost Your New Product

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Have you got a new product that you are thinking of launching? Maybe it is part of the niche that you already have, or maybe it is something totally different to what you have done before? Either way, there are a few fun and creative ways that you can get your products out there!

Being a little bit different and having a unique selling point that no one else has means that you may just be on to a winner. But if your product is new, cool and innovative then you should market it in the same way! Be cool, be creative and have fun with your new product. Here are some cool ways to do it:

#1 Create Some Voucher Codes

Creating discount codes and vouchers for your product is a really great way to encourage some audience engagement and get people excited about your goods! You can release this through social media (schedule in some lead up posts to get people excited) or you can sign up to sites like Promo Codes For, where you will get a nice bit of marketing and traffic! You could even release discount codes through email marketing, making sure that those who sign up to your newsletter get informed of your new product’s release date, price and discounts too! 

#2 Hosting Cool Competitions

This is a great way to get a little bit of fun going on your social media channels! All that you need to do is host a competition! You could get people to post a meme that best describes how they feel about your product. The funniest meme wins! Or you could get people to like and share your product release post, then pick someone out of a hat and give them a free product! Either way, hosting competitions is a really great way to drum up some movement around your new product! 

#3 Delight People With Your Product Video

Video marketing is said to be the way of the future, so why not get your slice of that visual pie and craft an engagingly delightful product video. Whether you want to move the audience emotionally or whether you want to make something funny and shareable, a product video is a great way to do it! With marketing being more digitally focussed in the twenty first century, there really is no reason not to jump of the video marketing game! 

Funny videos are probably the most shared genre of visual content online, so take a look at crafting something that will get those laughs going! Creating something emotive or informative can also be a great way to boost dissemination. Think outside the box with your marketing. You don’t just need to have a traditional advert. Have something important to say and say it!

#4 Join Forces With a Charity

Do some good with your new product by joining forces with a not for profit organisation. Not only will you get the opportunity to do some good, but this can be a really great form of PR too. Take a look at how ethical campaigns can lead to a return on investment! So, give the profit from your first 50 sales to charity, donate a percentage of your profit to charity or hold a fundraising event to raise awareness while also promoting your product. It really is a win-win way of fostering some positive marketing for your new products and brand! 

#5 Get Your Content Marketing On The Go

Content is one of the driving forces of our time, and if you are looking for a super creative and fun way to get your product out there then fashioning some good old fashioned content is a great way to do it. Think memes and gifs, think infographics, graphs and animations. Think written content and cool images. Think content! 

With these five ideas in mind, you should be well on your way to creating the best possible launch for your product. Remember, you can only ever launch your product once, so making sure that it is done right the first time is really important! So creative discount codes, host competitions, create a compelling video, sponsor a charity and get that conetent on the go!

Happy product launch!