Top Romantic Honeymoon Places to Visit in Asia

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So the wedding’s over and the guests are packing up their stuff. It’s time to celebrate your togetherness now, whichever way you choose. Will it be on a beach, or a deserted island or at a spa resort? Are you into mountains and waterfalls or into lush rainforests? No matter what part of the world you’re in, you need to head towards Asia for your honeymoon. It is in Asia that you’ll find all of it – the deserted islands, the fabulous thrilling cities, amazing beaches, deep rainforests, mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers. Pack your bags, choose one of our top romantic Asian honeymoon destinations, and head out now!


Some of the best beaches and the most secluded islands in the Indian subcontinent are to be found in Andaman. Visit the Andaman to enjoy quiet beach walks on secluded beaches, and spend your time in a luxury resort. If you like adventure water sports, there’s scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking to enjoy. There are plenty of historic places, given that Andaman was a British colony, and museums galore. It rains quite heavily in Andaman from May to September, so you might want to avoid visiting during this time. The rest of the year is perfect for a visit to this charming island.


The Maldives is the tiniest and the prettiest island country on our planet. Best stock up on USD because you’ll need it here. The Maldives is all about romance, from its clear blue waters to its clear blue skies and its incredible seafood. Scuba divers and snorkelers find the Maldives to be sheer paradise as will beach lovers. Peak summer season in the Maldives is from December to April when it’s sunny and dry out. It rains quite heavily from May to August, so best avoid travel during this time.

South Korea

South Korea is simply beautiful. You’ll choose to honeymoon here for the Korean cuisine, shopping at designer and craft stores, and the amazing natural landscapes. Be sure to explore the ancient palaces of Changgyeonggung, Gyeongbokgung, and Deoksugung. South Korea’s many art galleries are a delight, and a visit to Seoul is a must if you want to party. Best time to visit South Korea is from March to May when it’s nice and warm or from September to November.


Turkey is an amalgamation of many cultures – Greek, Ottoman, Persian, and Byzantine. Be sure to visit the Hagia Sophia, a former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral which was taken over by the Ottomans later. The traditional covered market in Istanbul with its hundreds of stalls selling everything is a must-visit. If you like caves, stay in the lively, exotic cave resort in Cappadocia. The weather is fine from August to November so book your tickets for this period.


This lovely, ancient desert island brims with regal palaces, many temples, fabulous cities, and innumerable national parks. Mt. Fuji is a major attraction, whether you’re climbing it or just enjoying the views. Shopping at Mecca – Haarjukum is a joy, as is visiting the many temples and shrines. Don’t miss a visit to the Disney Sea. If you’re an otaku, be sure to visit the famous anime destinations in Tokyo. April and May are the best months for your Japan Asia travel when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.


Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands – Koh Samui, Ko Tarutao, Ko Samet, Ko Phangan, Phuket – to name a few. Thailand is nothing if not pristine beaches fringed with waving palm trees and turquoise and jade waters. If you love adventure, then Thailand is the place to head for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, boating, kayaking and more. Explore the many rooftop bars in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Be sure to visit the Golden Palace and the Wat Arun, Wat Phra and Wat Doi Suthep while in Thailand. What’s the perfect time to visit Thailand? That would be the month of June.

Sri Lanka

This tiny island nation is just perfect for budget honeymooners. Consider this – spotless beaches, warm weather, lush rainforests, plenty of wildlife and amazing cuisine – what’s not to like? Visit Kandy’s Tooth Relic temple, and be sure to enjoy the romantic beaches of Kandy. Love elephants? Don’t miss a visit to the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage where you can play with baby elephants. If you’re visiting the west and south coasts, the best time to go will from December to March. If you’re visiting the east coast of Sri Lanka, do it from April/May to September.


There’s the Malaysian Peninsula with its multi-cultural influences and there’s Malaysian Borneo, rich in rainforests and wildlife. You can explore both during your honeymoon or focus on one area as you choose. The Malaysian Peninsula will delight you with its mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences in culture, cuisine, architecture and more. Avoid the rains from November to February if possible, but the other months are just fine for a honeymoon.


Book your honeymoon to this beautiful tiny island and you’ll never regret it. You’ll thrive on the beautiful modern cities, the dramatic mountainous landscapes and lush resorts with their hot mineral springs. Are you into shopping? Then Taiwan is your best bet for some cool shopping. Taiwan is also famous for its amazing street food – budget, filling and incredible on the taste buds. The Miaokou night market is a fantastic place to shop and eat. The Yushan Peaks offer some great trekking, hiking, and climbing options. Explore the Trails of Toroko Gorge and its lush landscapes. Taiwan experiences a mild spring from March to May when the cherry and plum blossoms are in bloom. This is the best time to visit Taiwan. Taiwanese summers, ranging from June to August are both hot and humid; plus, this is also the typhoon season in Taiwan, so best avoided. If you don’t mind a little cold, you can visit during the winter months from January to March.


The best places to honeymoon in India would be Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Darjeeling and the foothills of the Himalayas. Want the royal experience? Explore Rajasthan. Kerala is a verdant space with many lush backwater canals. Plus, the Kerala cuisine, especially the seafood will appeal to your taste-buds. Goa is perfect if you like lounging on beaches and enjoying watersports. Plus, Goa is the capital of cheap beer, so go for it!  Hog on to the seafood and enjoy the Portuguese architecture all around.  India burns hot during the summer months, which are from March to May. The rains begin in June and can go on till September. The best season to visit India would be during the winter months, from October to February.


One of the most amazing Asian countries to visit is the UAE, especially Dubai. Dubai is an exciting, magnificent city with many immensely beautiful attractions. When in Dubai, be sure to check out the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa. Enjoy a meal at the Burj al Arab and explore its incredible interiors. Visit the beautiful waterparks, the theme parks, the gardens, the beaches and explore the amazing architecture of Dubai. Don’t forget to experience a scintillating desert safari while you’re there! Best times to visit Dubai would be from October to April when it’s cooler. Be sure to apply for your Dubai visa well in advance of your travel dates!


Singapore is the perfect combination of nature and cosmopolitan thrills. Modern architecture vies with ancient culture, tons of shopping and nature in every form. Be sure to explore the Botanical Gardens, the Gardens by the Bay, the Sungei Buloh wetland reserve and other green spaces. Enjoy an evening cruise on the Singapore River, and a fantastic night safari at the Singapore Zoo. Visit Marina Bay for the 8 P.M. light show and the amazing views. The best months to visit Singapore would be from February to April. The weather is quite pleasant, as the season is spring. Avoid the wet months of November and January. May and June tend to burn hot, so unless you like the heat, these months are best avoided as well.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali’s lovely temples are worth exploring, as is the country’s artistic capital, Ubud with its incredible workshops and museums. Of course, you can always trek Mount Agung or Mount Batur to check out the smoldering volcanoes. Plus there’s scuba diving at Jimbaran Bay and plenty of serene beaches. Bali is one of the best places to visit in Asia through May, June, and July.


If you love a serious dose of history along with a dark cup of Cambodian coffee first thing in the morning, then you know where to go. This enchanting Asian honeymoon destination is full of exotic historical locales. The unbelievably huge Ankor Wat temple is a great example of Cambodia’s rich offerings. Be sure to visit the Bayon temple as well while you’re at it. Though definitely not as big or as impressive as Ankor Wat, Bayon Temple has its definite appeal. If you’re both foodies, don’t give the delicious Khemer food a miss. Cambodia is famous for its traditional Apsara show, so be sure to book tickets. The Great Lake Tonle Sap & Floating Village are romantic destinations. As far as accommodation goes, you’ll find some of the most luxurious in Cambodia. You’ll be pampered and feted at the country’s luxurious resorts. Be sure to consider Cambodia while you review your Asian honeymoon options.  Cambodia is sunny and dry in March and April, with pleasant temperatures. This is the best time to visit the country, along with the cool months from December to February.


Asia is rich in fabulous destinations for honeymoon. You can have your pick of destinations based on what you want out of your honeymoon. And there are places that offer every possible attraction to honeymooners – adventure, romance, thrills, sports, shopping, culture, architecture, art and much more. Go, Asia!

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