God Statues You Can Find Online

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Hand-made statues can be a beautiful addition to your home. Besides adding a touch of tradition to your interiors or exteriors, hand-made sculptures also carry spiritual significance in several cultures. If you plan to invest in God statues for your residential or commercial space, it is critical to buy from reliable sellers.

Buying the statue directly from the artist or from a seller who sources it directly from the artist may be the best choice. You may consider other factors like the size and style of the statues before buying them. The statue should be small enough to fit through your door if you plan to place it indoors.  

What to Consider When Buying Statues Online?

You may buy these idols for aesthetic purposes or spiritual purposes. You can choose between different types of statues. Each of these statues symbolizes different things. For instance, sculptures of “Lord Ganesha” are considered ideal for people who desire prosperity and self-growth. 

Similarly, Buddha statues are connected to positivity, peace, and happiness. The size, quality, and material used to sculpt the idols should also be considered. Both brass and wooden statues require careful maintenance. Statues placed in the yard or garden may also be vulnerable to fading and weather damage. You may need to invest in cleaning solutions and polishes to keep them in pristine condition. Therefore, it’s vital to buy God statues from reliable dealers. 

It is also recommended you get accurate room measurements and door measurements before buying statues. Check if the dealer you plan to buy from has high ratings and good reviews. Additionally, it would help if you also studied the meaning behind hand gestures, expressions, and other details of the statues. 

Statues You can Buy Online

God statues come in different base heights, materials, and widths. They are usually crafted from wood, metal, or stone and represent specific/spiritual ideologies and concepts. These statues can transform your living space and act as catalysts to your spiritual progress. 

Vishnu Statues   

Lord Vishnu is considered the preserver of the universe. You can buy idols that represent the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu sculptures hold immense spiritual value in South Asian cultures.

You can buy statues of Lord Vishnu in different positions and different materials. For example, brass statues of Lord Vishnu riding on eagle “Garuda” or wooden statues of Lord Vishnu with the “Abhaya Mudra” hand gesture are unique and elegant. 

These exquisite statues are available in different price ranges and at different heights. Wooden panel craft depictions of Vishnu’s ten avatars and statues of Vishnu in the “AnantaSesha” position are popular among collectors.

Nataraja Statues

Nataraja, or “the lord of dance,” has immense spiritual significance in Hinduism. Nataraja idols depict Shiva’s dance as he chases “Maya” or illusion away. Shiva is considered the lord of “destruction.”

Shiva dances on the “Apasmara” dwarf to destroy hostile forces and simultaneously paves the way for new creation. His figure is encircled by the “Prabhamandala” or “the arch of light.” 

Bronze, wooden, or stone statues of lord Shiva lost in dance are very popular among collectors. Nataraja statues crafted using the “lost wax” process are more valuable than carved statues. It is recommended you learn more about the artist who sculpted the Nataraja statue before making the purchase. 

Ganesha Statues

Ganesha statues are associated with positivity and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is considered the “remover of obstacles” in the Hindu culture. Most Hindu rituals and offerings start with prayers to Lord Ganesha. You can buy these sculptures in vibrant colors in different materials. 

Lakshmi Statues

According to Hindu culture, Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, knowledge, fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Lakshmi statues usually depict the Goddess seated on a lotus or standing on a lotus holding lotuses, books, and other articles in each of her hands. The style and details may vary. These statues are usually placed in the northeast corner of the house. 

Krishna Statues

You can buy Krishna statues in different poses, forms, and styles. Krishna is considered Lord Vishnu’s most powerful incarnation. However, factors like statue placement and position are considered critical in Hinduism. Krishna statues are usually placed in the Northeast corner of the home.

Shiva Statues

Shiva is one of the most powerful Gods in Hinduism. Statues of Lord Shiva engrossed in the “tandava” dance and statues of Shiva with his consort Parvathi are extremely popular. 

Final Thoughts

It is critical to buy God statues from a reliable website that specializes in selling original statues. The quality of the material utilized to craft the statue is of vital importance. You may also consider the experience profile of the artist who made the idol.

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