How to Increase Mobile App Engagement

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User engagement is an essential element for the success of a mobile app. It’s engagement that helps app owners to achieve the fundamental goals of the app, including monetization and user retention. If your mobile app fails to engage users, they are unlikely to open and use it again.

Increase Mobile App Engagement

It is vital to analyze app users’ behavior. Evaluate the average duration of mobile app usage among users. The duration app usage or each session duration is important to understand whether the users are spending enough time in the app, as per the type of mobile application. If the app has a lot of content and features, but a short session period is observed, it indicates problems with user experience, ease of use, and navigation. Moreover, If the app experiences a decrease in session duration over time, it may depict a lack or loss of interest in users in your program. So, you need to assess the quality of the current content and the need to add a new one.

It is important to observe the frequency of app usage. Track how often users open your app. For instance, services apps like news, weather forecasts, and fitness apps can be opened on a regular basis. While entertainment, gaming, and shopping apps like should be used with a gap of a few days. Discuss and analyze how you should bring improvements in your app so that the users increase the number of interactions with the app and come back more often. This kind of analysis will help you see the fraction of occasional and regular users and understand how to make users reuse the app and increase mobile app engagement.

How To Increase User Engagement

The major emphasis should be given to increase engagement organically. This means users should divert towards the app through un-paid options. Paid tactics are also important and effective, but it’s important to consider cost per engagement for the mobile app.

To increase user engagement, the app should meet certain criteria. Some of the elements need to be considered before the app development process, and some should be considered and implemented after the development process. In short, what more important is to focus on the app’s effectiveness, appropriateness, and relevancy to the app function. Below are some of the tips that may help you to make your app more engaging.

Know about your audience

To make your app impactful that can increase engagement, you should know your user well. It is important for a mobile app development company to study and evaluate potential users for the app. segment your target audience and try to understand what they want in an app. learn about their interaction and behavior patterns with the app as per their interests and preferences. There are many tools that may help you to analyze user behavior with the app. You can analyze in-app user behavior and make improvements along with that. This leads to resolving many crucial issues.

Communicate with user

Understanding and analyzing user behavior is just the first step towards improving user engagement, and if you don’t proceed to other important steps, you may likely to fail in achieving user engagement. The app developers and the team need to track and act upon the acquired data. It is also advisable to use user engagement tools like questionnaires, messages, and banners to help the team understand what actually compels users to go to the app in the first place and eventually make them use it. It simplifies many questions and concerns of the team, handling and maintaining the app.

Add Interactive Features in the App

Many mobile app users install the app, but just after a few days, they delete the app. Therefore, in order to keep users engaged in mobile apps, the app should offer interactivity. The app users genuinely appreciate interactive features and excellent user experience. This helps users with amazing in-app experience. You can do the following things to increase app interactivity.

  • Create excellent content that successfully engages users. Along with that, the content of the app needs to be constantly updated with good quality. The quality content refers to the usefulness and excitement for users. The content, thus, should not make users bored.
  • Design is important, and it holds major significance in mobile app success. If the rating of your app goes below four stars in the app store, you need to fix the design issues in the first place and suggest a new version quickly. Try to make the design simpler and attractive. Simple designs attract more users and make it easy for them to use the app interactively. This helps increase mobile app engagement.
  • Promotions are a useful way of increasing app engagement. Customers love promotions and opportunities to get a good deal, especially on a mobile device. Consider offering special promotions, offers, and discounts, as per the category of your app.
  • Use the app notifications wisely. Push notifications can be helpful for your app engagement. When used wisely, this feature can be a very effective way to retain existing customers and bring your old customers back to the application. Make a strategy to fulfill the purpose of your program. However,  don’t send notifications too often to the users as everything works well in moderation. Study what kind of notification make users tur back to the app and use the relevant kind of content to keep your users engaged.

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