Tracking Instagram Growth? Here are the 5 Most Crucial Metrics to Follow

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It looks like Facebook purchasing Instagram wasn’t a bad deal, after all.

Just last year, Instagram made quite a fortune out of its earning from ad spends. And when the numbers are in billions, it compels a marketer to think about shifting their strategy to Instagram.

Whether you’re new to the Instagram platform or you already have an existing profile, but you have a relatively less number of followers, don’t let anyone put your hopes down and tell you, you’re not cut out for it. The platform is vibrant with opportunities, and as long as people are signing up, you’re good to go.

It’s a common practice that most of the revenue on Instagram comes from these advertisers. They track different metrics such as impressions, engagement, and conversions to decide what is working best for your website. It offers a separate analytics feature called Insights, which presents everything.

So today, we are going to discuss the five most crucial metrics that will make you a success.

Increasing the Number of Followers

No brand or business can ever survive if they don’t have the right amount of audience following them. If you don’t have enough people who are looking up to you, then there’s hardly room for you to sell. So first things first, you need to brainstorm how you’re going to increase your followers. That’s the primary metric that you need to put your focus on.

Start by studying your target market and build up your audience. Once you’re aware of who your target market is, custom-tailor, your Instagram content to provide them with value. By doing so, you will eventually create the voice of your brand (may it be personal or professional). And soon, you will see followers starting to attract your business.

You can also set goals such as I need to complete 1,000 followers in a month, and then scale them up to 50,000 by the end of six months. By setting goals, you will ensure your follower’s success story.

Just don’t forget to document it, these stories will help you spread the word furthermore in the future.

Get Increased Impressions on Your Posts

What are impressions, and how are they different from leads?

Well, impressions are simply the number of times the audience observes your Instagram post.

It is the initial phase of the buyer’s journey. Usually, they are segmented in the awareness stage. The awareness stage is when people just come to learn about your business, and they aren’t quite aware of how your business will proceed. They won’t like your posts, they won’t comment on them & won’t reach you out in your DMs, all they will ever do is grasp the idea of what or who you’re. 

Once they have learned about you, now, the chances of interaction with your brand will become easy.

With the impression ratio, you will identify how many people your post is reaching. If the impression decreases, you will understand that there are some flaws in your strategy, which you need to fix up.

How About Tweaking Up Audience Reach

Now most marketers make this mistake quite often, that the submerge reaches with impressions. However, it is not the right way to proceed. While impressions can include people (new and existing) who are watching your post, reach, on the other hand, is just about unique profiles who have visited your post. The fact is, the number of organic reaches will still be less because it will be counted as one no matter how many times the person keeps visiting your profile, but it is essential.

It’s an excellent metric to measure because it will help you identify how many new people are looking at your profile. The more popularity you will gain, the sooner your brand can rank up on the platform.

Once they are in the initial phase, going into the second phase will not be much of a problem. read more about : How Instagram Changed Wedding Photography

Work on Your Engagement Strategy

If you want to see your content rank on Instagram, you have to explain it to the Instagram algorithm. The best way of doing it is by establishing a remarkable engagement strategy on your Instagram.

The first thing you need to do is iterate your social media content. Observe what type of content can produce better results and a more powerful impact. Then recreate more content in the same format and push the word out on Instagram. Higher the engagement higher will be your number of visitors.

As you will see a growth in your Instagram audience, you will see an increase in your likes, comments, shares, direct messages, etc. The more engagement you get, the higher is your chance to gain traction.

Lastly, Don’t Forget Instagram Story Views.

Last but not the least are story views on Instagram. The views on your story are relatively going to be somewhere the amount of engagement you will be getting on your Instagram account.

Yet, stories are a much more attractive & interactive option for Instagrammers. People who are watching your stories are more likely the kind of people who are willing to put your story forward.

According to a digital marketing company,

“Instagram stories are a great way to engage your desired audience because it creates significant traction and brings more resilient individuals to your profile’s doorstep. You get followers who enjoyed your content and would love to watch you again and again.”

Although the story is available for a short time compared to a post, it has the same amount of traction that you get from a regular Instagram post. It doesn’t work the first time, try it for the second.

Keep trying until you get it right because Instagram all about keeps trying until it fits best.

So there you go, here are the 5 critical metrics that I believe are important to keep track. I hope this article has been informative and knowledgeable for you. Stay tuned for more, so until next time.

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Aaron Starc is a strategist & writer at Branex. She is learning photography, and she likes to help people with whatever she can. She hopes to leave her mark on the digital landscape. She tweets at @ErinStarc87.

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