Job Opportunities Of Data Science and Machine Learning

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Machine Learning and Data Science are the two advanced technologies to learn. Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists are two of the lucrative fields in the Industry right now and for good reason. With digitization and the increase in usage of smartphones, about 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are being generated every day.  A professional who can handle this massive amount of data to provide business solutions is indeed the hero. The competition between Machine Learning Engineers vs Data scientists is rising and the gap between them diminishing. We all have heard the names machine learning and data science, but may not be familiar with the technologies. Now let’s have a look at “Machine Learning Engineer vs Data Scientist” and the job opportunities of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data science relies on data and a Data scientist is a professional who practices the art of Data Science. The massive amount of data and the cheap computing power has led to the massive growth of Data Science. Data Scientists are specialists with skills like speech, image processing, video processing, text analytics, material simulation, etc. A skilled Data Scientist has the knowledge of statistical methods, an understanding of database architecture and they crack complex data problems by applying these skills.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine learning engineers are computer programmers who develop machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge without specific direction. The machine learning engineers focus beyond specifically programming machines to perform specific tasks. They develop programs that enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed to perform those tasks. The possibilities for machine learning are very high and are useful in a huge number of different industries such as healthcare, computer security, and more.

Job Opportunities Of Data Science and Machine Learning

A lot of job postings for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers are emerging day by day. The Major factors that make you choose Data Science and Machine Learning as a career are:

  • Demand
  • Career growth, job prospects, and salaries
  • Experience factor
  • Work options
  • Ease of getting a job due to lack of competition
  • Online training programs and skill upgrade options are available

Major  job roles in Machine Learning and Data Science are:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Architect
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. Statistician
  5. Business Intelligence Developer
  6. Enterprise Architect
  7. Big Data Engineer/ Data Engineer

Skills Needed for Data Scientists

  • Grasp on Statistics and Probability
  • Data mining and cleaning
  • Data visualization capabilities
  • Unstructured data management techniques
  • Programming languages such as R and Python
  • Understand SQL databases
  • Knowledge of big data tools like Hadoop, Pig and Hive
  • Analyzing data using knowledge of various algorithmic approaches

Skills Needed for Machine Learning Engineers

  • Software engineering skills
  •  System Design
  • Statistical modeling
  • Data Modeling and Evaluation
  • Applying Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
  • Natural language processing
  • Data architecture design
  • Text representation techniques
  • Domain knowledge

 Data science and Machine Learning are very powerful and the application of these technologies is very vast. To get involved in Data science and machine learning, master these technologies. There are many free web resources and video lessons are available. Also, various online platforms like Entri are providing Data Science and Machine Learning courses. Check out these courses.

Data science and machine learning separate concepts with powerful capabilities, but when they combine together they have the ability to transform the way we manage organizations and business operations. Also, the way how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. Pursuing a career in Data Science and Machine Learning is a smart move. Determine which area is right for you and take the next step towards achieving your goals.

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