Questions you need to ask to determine a professional AdWords consultant

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Choosing the right Google AdWords consultant is not something you can do in a snap. It requires detail questioning and research before you hire a consultant. When you hire a consultant you basically trust your business with them and you cannot afford to let yourself or your business to slip just because your AdWords consultancy could not fulfill their commitments.

You need to find consultants who are absolutely professional and trustworthy, they must know what they are doing and have all the technical knowledge and speed to keep you on pace with your competition. In order for you to identify the best there are certain questions you must ask and also conduct a research so you may have no regret at the end of the ad process.

Find reviews of the consultants

Before you hire any consultants of Google adwords you must first create a list of consultants who would suite you best. You can do that by following the reviews by past customers and clients in order to get the best on your list.

If you can’t find any reviews of any consultancy then you must not bother with them, it is probable that no one has worked with them and you cannot afford to trust your budget with someone who is new in the market.

Do they know what they are doing?

It sounds pretty basic but if they cannot answer basic questions regarding their own industry then are they even worth contacting?

When asked, any great consultants should be able to tell you the importance of landing page and its loading speed. They should be knowledgeable of all the latest adwords updates and all the latest tools which can help in the ad campaigns.

They should absolutely able to tell you how ad extensions are beneficial in securing a healthy CTR and they must be skilled in adwords extension.

They should remain transparent with you

Any great Google adwords consultant is the one who can keep his client/customer satisfied at every turn. Consultants must go all out to keep their consultants happy and it doesn’t mean providing a great ad campaign but complete service where the clients are reported of everything every often.

A great consultant will report you with complete transparency of the progress and results on a weekly and monthly basis. The clients must know what is going on with their website.

Also before running any ad campaign any consultant run tests on every ad and inform you of how it can possibly provide results.

With that any consultancy must keep you in direct contact with the consultants who are managing your ad campaign so, it is to make sure that the consultancy is a professional agency and not a one may army who is promising heavens to its clients.

How will they carry along with the ad campaigns?

It is crucial to understand if the consultancy you are to hire is going to carry the process according to your business goals and your target market. Adwords and ad campaign are not going to work so well if the consultants are going to use one size fits all strategy.

They must tell you on which platforms they are going to run your ad campaigns, they must provide you with a complete road map of how they are going to take your business forward with regards to your market, competition and audience, the process should be for long-term.

Any great agency will tell you the metrics they will use to measure the success of your ad campaign for example they will tell you how not only increasing CTR is success factor but also how the user react to when they reach your website. If the bounce rate is increasing they will advise you to improve your website. A great consultancy should be able to answer such question confidently and must not leave you hanging. Also do remember to research and question before you hire the right adwords consultants.


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