The Importance of a Lumbar Support Pillow

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In our bodily anatomy, the lumbar is in the lower back region and is made up of five vertebrae in the bottom spine, between the pelvis and the ribs.

The spine has been designed to take on a curvature without having the responsibility of supporting the lower back.

But because of how easy it is to develop poor posture routines, many of us are guilty of slouching when we sit and also when we sleep.

Even with the instant comfort that may fool us into thinking that slouching is equivalent to stress relief, what is really happening behind the scenes is that slumping over is putting access stress on our backs, making a lumbar support pillow even more necessary.

Before getting stuck in the habit of putting unwanted pressure on your back, make a note of these reasons why an Everlasting Comfort’s lumbar support pillow is a much-needed purchase.

1. Significant Backbone Support

The beauty of a support pillow is that it possesses incredible flexibility, with an ability to adapt to the figure of your body.

If your spine suffers from distortion, the interchangeable nature of a lumbar support pillow becomes even more beneficial.

Let your neck and spine feel the relief of using your lumbar support pillow as a back cushion when sitting in your favorite chair to feel an encouraging impact.

2. Sleeping on Your Side

Medical doctors recommend that we should all be sleeping on our side as much as physically possible when we go to bed at night for a restful sleep.

It doesn’t actually matter if you choose to sleep on your right side or your left side. Just make sure that your entire body is in contact with the mattress underneath you, from your shoulder to your feet.

If, for some reason, your waist can’t touch the mattress, use your back-support pillow to plug up the gap.

You can also place your back pillow between your knees to relieve lower back pain.

As a side note, if you happen to go to bed on the same side all the time, you could accidentally cause a muscle imbalance.

But with your lumbar support pillow in place, sleeping can become an enjoyable experience on either side, making it easy to switch directions during the night without interrupting your sleep. 

3. Sleeping in the Fetal Position

For those that choose to sleep in the fetal position when they are feeling even more tired than usual or for people dealing with a slipped disk or serious back injuries, they will definitely be incentivized to make use of a lumbar support pillow.

When sleeping in the fetal position with a lumbar support pillow, first lay down on your back, gently shift over to your most comfortable side, and slowly allow your knees to get closer to your chest.

Once you have settled into a comfortable position, attempt to put your upper back in the direction of your knees until your whole body is turned into the fetal position.

Remember not to only stay on one side all night, every night. Put your lumbar support pillow between your knees, and switch sides during the night as often to maintain balance.

4. Relaxes Tired Muscles

With our modern society continually working jobs that involve sitting in front of computers for long periods of time, the tendency to develop poor posture while sitting in a slouch position is, unfortunately, a habit that is easy to fall into.

When we slouch, our backs pay the price, causing muscle fatigue to occur and back muscles to get worn out.

But with a proper lumbar support pillow that has been created to keep our posture straight, that unwanted pressure is no longer being placed on our back muscles, allowing them to heal.

5. Recommended by Physicians

It is no secret that the world of medicine will often recommend lumbar support pillows for their back patients, regardless of their health and without difficulty because these pillows are approved by the FDA.

Lumbar support pillows come in handy for office chairs and are portable enough to bring along for use during extensive road trips in your car.  

Keep in mind that our backbone needs to be straight and strong in order to enjoy life without being riddled with spinal agony.

When people fall victim to back muscle fatigue, and it remains untreated for long periods of time, the result is usually sharp pains that are extremely hard to ignore.

In summary, lumbar support pillows are an affordable and accessible option to maintain proper posture, fight back against back pain, and enhance your entire fitness status without having to exert any real effort.

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