Today’s funny stories: Cop caught stealing and a girl’s head turned into a light-bulb shape

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It seems like I am in luck today.

The reason behind this is the fact that I came across not one, but two funny stories which made my day. Now, don’t judge me when I tell you the details about both, because a few of you might not like the contents.

It’s not that it is gruesome or something, but it’s just that the story talks about someone visiting hospital and someone losing a job. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Cop caught stealing

I know, it already sounds like a hilarious headline. This is one of the true funny stories that was even captured on camera. It took place in the state of Punjab, where a cop was recorded while he was busy stealing oil from a truck.

Yeah, you read it right. I know it’s unbelievable that a cop was found stealing, but I have another point of view on this story. I mean, the cop looked pretty drunk in the video. The way he was walking with a gallon full of oil towards his car, depicted that he must have been high on something.

Moreover, the video that went viral seemed to be recorded from a close distance, which means that the person who recorded it wasn’t hiding or anything. I wonder, what the cop drank. And hey, I forgot to mention he wasn’t some cheap ass constable. The cop in the video was found to be the ASI i.e. Assistant Sub-inspector of Police.

Damn. Right? I always knew there will be a next level cheapness coming from the police department. It’s very common for the cops to take bribes and all, but this thing took it to a whole new level. I wonder what actions will be taken against him. Who knows he might lose his job too.

Anyway, everyone knows this in a miserable world full of corruption and unethical actions, so there’s nothing that can be done about it. Moving on to the second story.

A girl’s head turns into a light-bulb 

As I said, don’t judge me for labelling this as one of the funny true stories. Ok. So, this story talks about a nineteen year old girl who wanted to dye her hair.

As the instructions say, that you should test it before colouring to see if you are allergic to the products or not, this girl went ahead with the test. But she did a mistake. Usually, when they say that you should test it, they mean that you should try at your hand, or neck.

But this girl applied a little on her head. And she got royally screwed. Turns out, she was super allergic to one of the ingredients. And it put her into so much of trouble. She would have never thought that this would happen.

Nineteen year old Estelle from France had a serious reaction because of a chemical called Paraphenylenediamine (PPD). This kind of chemical is mostly present dark-coloured hair dyes. It all started as soon as she tested the product on her scalp and soon it started itching.

Thankfully, I never came across something like that in my life.

And yeah, if you see her picture, you too will burst out in laughter. Her head is literally looking a freaking light-bulb. Though, I still feel bad for her. She is a teenager and I bet her friends would be laughing their ass off on her pictures like I am.

In Conclusion:

Both the funny stories I shared with you are totally epic. One depicts how low the police can stoop, and the second one shows that if you are having a bad day, even a teeny tiny hair dye product can really screw you.

I mean well for both the cop and the girl. Trust me. But I can’t stop laughing.