Why are Bakery Boxes Pink on TV?

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Bakery boxes look pink on the screen has become a matter of interest for food lovers and researchers. Pink or not these casings are used across the globe for baked items.
The bakery boxes are used all over the world to keep delicate baked products safe and fresh. Usually, they are designed according to the theme of the manufacturing brand, but they have a big mystery with them. Some people get curious about why they are always pink on the television? The following article will reveal the reason behind this mystery.
The legend started from Los Angeles in 1980 when new bakery business owners started looking for economical custom bakery boxes. They searched the packaging industry for a while and found that the pink cartons are cheaper than the white, and they can hold a huge amount of bakery items than their counterparts.
Who were the beginners?
Initially, it was doughnut makers who started using pink containers instead of the white one. Unlike white wholesale bakery boxes, these containers help them saving money and getting a high-quality packaging solution. Soon these pink containers become popular as they can be manufactured at a lower cost than the others, almost half to them.
There is no authentic evidence of who ordered these cartons for the first time, but it is said that it was Cambodian immigrant who was in the doughnut business and used such boxes considering the red colour good luck for the business. He did not want to use white because, in Cambodia, white is considered a colour of death. It is said that the person wanted to get red casings never get them instead the packaging company kept sending the pink ones. These casings also have a smooth and pleasing impact on the foodies.
When they first appeared on the screen?
The first time the pink bakery packaging appeared on the screen was in the TV series Mad Men. There are chances that the casing may have appeared on the screen before that, but it was the first time the viewers noticed this phenomenon.
Soon after that, viewers started noticing and asking questions about why bakery items on the screen are always in a pink casing? Many people went to the nearby baking shops, especially doughnut makers, with the wish that they will get them in the same coloured package. But their wish was seldom fulfilled as such packages are used and its neighboring countries. Even the bakery packaging in the UK and Europe was not of fascinating colour.
How they become popular?
It took a few years until the baking shops in the other states realized that the consumers want what type of packaging for the food items to be packed in. Soon after that, the pink wholesale bakery packaging supplies became popular, and every other baking shop started asking for it.
Why are they popular on screen?
The reason why the packages of this specific colour are preferred on the screen is that they give a better presentable look to the carton and look fancy than the white coloured casings. The white coloured casing looks pale and dirty on the screen, and it disturbs the white balance of the frame as well.
Everyone knows that the biggest entertainment, television, and film industry, Hollywood, is in the city of Los Angeles. From there they became popular on the TV, and now they can be seen in other parts of the USA as well. But not as much frequently as they are in Los Angeles.
Coincidence or what?
The use of pink pastry containers has become a regional tradition of LA, and it has also become a matter of interest for researchers, journals, TV, and social media people, and most importantly food lovers especially the sweet tooth.

An interesting fact about them is that initially it was thought that these casings originated from New York, and many people tried to find out its origin there. It was until a few years ago that the mystery resolved with the fact that they were used by the Cambodian refugees. In the east, the red colour is associated with good fortune and the refugees who were in the bakery business, especially the doughnuts, wanted to use the red containers for their products. At first, it was just one refugee who used these boxes, and with the passage of time, other refugees who got into the business followed the same tradition.

The researchers and food manufacturers have agreed to the fact that the bakery boxes are always pink on the TV are not more than a coincidence because the biggest platform of screen entertainment is in the same city where these boxes have become a local tradition.