Why Toronto is popular among international students?

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Situated along with Lake Ontario shore, the bustling city of Toronto exudes enormous warmth and exuberance. This cosmopolitan city is highly preferred by many international students who come here in droves every year to pursue higher studies. 

While students are increasingly keen to go abroad, they must keep in mind many factors other than the degree, such as ambience and opportunities. Toronto is one such place that takes care of all these aspects, be it an amicable environment, friendly natives and excellent work opportunities. One can easily be at ease in this vibrant place and derive the best use of educational as well as work prospects. 

Here is an interesting look into why Toronto remains highly popular within the international student circuit. 

1. Multicultural environment 

The city is a melting pot of some many different cultures that you will never feel alienated or like an outsider here. Various neighbourhoods such as Greektown, Koreatown, Little Italy and more bring a unique diversity in the Canadian community. 

English remains one of the two official languages here, making it easy for one to communicate. International students who come here are exposed to a variety of things making their experience all the richer. 

Those planning to learn English or work on their communication skill can enrol in any English school of Toronto. If you are keen, you can also study French, the second most widely spoken language in Canada. 

2. Permanent residency 

Another advantage that foreign students can enjoy is an easy application for permanent residency. After completion of three years in the country which can include 2 years of post-graduation and post that 1 year of work experience, students can apply for permanent residency.

3. Excellent universities 

Toronto is also a trusted choice for many international students because of the high-quality education that it provides. Institutes here are equipped with all the necessary resources be it course material, infrastructure, new methods of learning or a fabulous faculty. 

Educational institutes here emphasize value-based learning which is why the nation is considered among the top places to pursue further studies

4. An inspiring city 

Toronto is always busting at the seams with excitement which comes in various forms. There is always some event happening that one can take part in or enjoy as a spectator. For fashion lovers, there is Ryerson’s Mass Exodus, movie buffs can enjoy TIFF festival and art lovers should check out Nuit Blanche.

The exhibits, art shows and even the people are very enterprising which gives one a lot of inspiration to learn, imbibe and evolve. 

5. Work opportunities 

Every student is keen to look into work opportunities while studying abroad as it looks good on the resume and helps meet many expenditures. Toronto is a great place to study as it provides an ample amount of options to work alongside as well as post the course. 

The Canadian government is also highly supportive of international students working while studying and permits them 20 work hours each week. 

All these are the major contributing factor as to what makes Canada so popular with foreign students and why Toronto remains their favourite place to study.