11 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Automation Testing in 2021

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The Internet is undeniably an ever-changing and developing phenomenon that is full of possible changes and fulfills the future along with imagination. The current advancements in technology have impacted the lives of millions of people saving their time and money, and also for the organizations repetitively and we can’t deny the fact that the upcoming future is going to be amazing and full of surprises!

As we are witnessing these new developing advancements people tend to hesitate at first because of insecurity and confusion, but once they are popular and are proven to be time-saving, there is no limit on their usage. And as there is great adoption of techniques, the technology starts to be widespread and hence becomes a global trend.

Technology is moderately pacing its way to make human lives much easier in every sphere of their life. IoT or the internet of things is a much-known consideration to the same. Various types of mechanical and digital objects are prepared with exclusive IDs and store the capability to transfer data on any network without making any human-to-human or human-to-computer conversation in between.

Below are some of the top-notch YouTube channels that you should have a glance at to learn automation testing in 2021.

  • Automation Step by Step by Raghav Pal

Raghav Pal has made an impression to look like that he is on a mission to educate all the people across the globe. The education of automation testing, DevOps, and Ci are what the main target of Raghav pal looks like. He is making great fans and in a very little time has crossed the mark of 82K+ subscribers in just 2 years. Here is the link to his YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTt7pyY-o0eltq14glaG5dg

He offers basic simple introductory classes and his channel is motivated and focused on automation testing concepts only. His motivation to build this channel was the requirement to scatter the knowledge and information through step by step easy guides.

  • Software Testing Material

The channel that is run by Rajkumar SM, is a leading testing hub along with ample concepts around certain areas. They are also offering full tutorials and personal guidance and training via YouTube and their official website. 

Their videos generally range about Manual testing, Jenkins, SQL Server, MS Excel, and a lot more.  They created the channel on the 3rd of December 2015 and currently have about 121K+ subscribers. 

  • LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that provides help in manual and automated browser compatibility testing. The users here can perform live and interactive testing on their websites or web app on a combination of about 2000+ variations of the browsers and the operating structures simply from their browser.

By on-premise infrastructure setup, we mean that you need to purchase and set up various computers and the latest mobile tools for testing each of them, or is it better to use LambdaTest directly.

With the use of LambdaTest, testers can begin testing their web apps across browsers, tools, and multiple resolutions right, with less time and money wasted on setting up a new device architecture.

Those seeking to learn working on high-class UX & responsive testing tools can preferably choose LambdaTest’s YouTube.

  • MukeshOtwani

Mukesh has been writing several blogs on Automation and is offering comprehensive information with enormous content that is well designed for beginners and novices in the testing field.  

He covers a lot of topics that are exclusive or crucial to any kind of software tester. They created the channel on the 5th of July 2010 and have about 93K+ subscribers.

They will also provide you with guidance and personal training. Their videos range across topics like: 

  1. Automation devices
  2. Webdriver
  3. TestNG
  4. Git
  5. GitHub
  6. Appium
  7. AutoIT
  8. RPA
  9. Java
  • Naveen Automation Lab

Naveen is a well-known SDET/Automation Architect who has a keen interest in automation and automating everything that is possible in daily lives. His passion for creating custom devices for better efficiency and process improvement, building test automation frameworks from scratch, and setting up the testing architecture and CI/CD pipelines. 

He himself admitted that he is a very big follower of JVM technologies, JMeter, Selenium-Web Driver & QTP/UFT. His videos are mainly focused on topics like: 

  1. JVM technologies
  2. JMeter,
  3. Selenium-WebDriver
  4. QTP/UFT
  5. Core Java

They joined the channel on the 7th of July 2009 and currently have about 50K+ subscribers.

  • Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs gives its users the permission to run the tests in the cloud on more than 700 varied browsers platforms, operating structures, and device integrations that offer a comprehensive test architecture for automated and manual testing of desktop or mobile applications such as selenium, Appium, and java Script unit testing structures.

Sauce Labs is known to be one of the largest providers of repetitive testing clouds, running Selenium, Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest scripts. You can have the profit of getting access to 200+ emulators and simulators, and about 2000 and more real tools.

  • Test Project

If you require the simplicity of a cloud blend of control of hosting the tests locally, you are fully covered at Test Project. Additional benefits from zero server maintenance, limitless collaborations, and automatic deployment of your tests. You can save the test as local files directly on your device with no cloud-footprint for getting a full offline experience with comfort and ease.

One must utilize Test Project’s safe tests repository and take advantage of the zero server maintenance and automatic deployment. You need not stress about the hefty lifting of setup, maintenance, and orchestration to test the project, just sit back and relax!

  • GC Reddy

The person whose website offers complete testing junction with every information related to the testers that are available including tutorials, interview preparation tips, software testing forums for discussions, job postings, and a lot more. 

It is also known to be the information hub for many other crucial topics like digital marketing, robotic process automation, and an enormous archival base. 

Several videos are launched by them on topics like:

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Selenium
  3. TestNG
  4. Software Testing Live Project Tutorials
  5. Load Runner

They joined the channel on the 25th of November 2010 and currently have about 56K+ subscribers.

  • Software and Testing Training

Software and Testing training prepares videos while making use of technologies and devices, news updates, and general self-help assistance. It also helps in any kind of online guidance in programming, scripting, SQL, Selenium, JMeter, and Load Runner automated software testing tools, software testing training, QA, and others. All of their videos revolve around: 

  1. Python Tutorials 
  2. VBScript
  3. HTML and XML Tutorials
  4. Software Testing Tutorials
  5. Selenium Tutorials

They created the channel on the 4th of September 2013 and have about 50K+ subscribers.

  • Evil Tester- Software Testing

Maintained and managed by Alan Richardson who is a famous consultant and coach who stores Software Development experience of more than 25 years and guides a lot of teams Test better, Automate and Deliver improved Quality Software. 

The channel run by him is called Eviltester.com where he defines Evil testing as a unique combination of skill, attitude, and pragmatism that is helping software development teams in testing and developing better. 

His videos are generally focused on the topics like:

  1. Software Testing
  2. Java
  3. Agile Testing
  4. Selenium etc. 

They created the channel on the 15th of April 2011 and have about 15K+ subscribers.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, software have all been controlling and saving interpersonal interaction and time for organizations and this is why automation testing has marked its way to the top. In the forthcoming years, it is expected to see a great rise in the number of businesses and people adopting such techniques.

Hereby, the need to learn automation testing arises and people should understand the basic motive behind the same. There are several YouTube channels that have made themselves efficient. In whilst of innumerable fascinating channels, choosing one best for you is not a cakewalk!

Automation testing is known as the process of working of tools and technology to testing software having the aim of reduction of efforts in testing, the better and faster capability of delivering, and much better affordability. It will help you in creating better quality software with much less effort. Automation testing is touching quantum leaps and this is the reason there is a huge demand for learning automation testing.

Every company today needs to test its software on a weekly or monthly or yearly basis for effective functioning and satisfied consumers. All the above-mentioned YouTube channels have been offering reliable services for some time now and are continuing their services. 

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