8 Differences Between Bongs and Bubblers

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There are various smoking accessories available in the market today that can elevate your experience with different herb blends. A bong or bubbler pipe is the piece you should explore to get cleaner and smoother hits.

According to a report, water pipes and vaporizers have captured a significant share of the smoking accessories market owing to their filtration and portable qualities. However, with the variety available at your disposal, it is understandable that choosing the perfect accessory can get confusing.

This article will provide you with information on eight distinct features of bongs and bubblers that make them different, using which you can make an informed decision.

Differences Between Bongs and Bubblers

1. Design

A bong in its basic form is a cylindrical water pipe consisting of a bowl, water chamber, down stem, neck, and mouthpiece. When you light up the bong, the smoke travels through the water, bubbles, goes through filtration, and you receive a smooth and cool smoke. Some bongs also have additional percolators, which cools the smoke all the more.

A bubbler pipe combines the benefits offered by both hand and water pipes. A bubbler consists of a bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece. In addition, some premium bubblers may have an additional percolator that can further cool the smoke.

2. Size

Bongs are usually larger as compared to bubblers. For example, your typical bong may approximately be 8-10” tall, with some going well above 16”. On the other hand, the average bubblers are around 6-8” tall. Some mini bubblers are about 3.5-4” tall.

There are portable bongs available today, which are around 7-8” tall, but they will still take up more space than your average bubbler.

3. Smoke Quality

Both bongs and bubblers offer a smooth smoking experience. But owing to the features of the water pipe used in a bong, they have the upper hand in quality.

If you enjoy a premium smoking experience complete with ice cubes, then it is bongs that you will prefer. On the other hand, as a novice user, you might not even be able to tell the smoke apart from the bong or bubbler.

4. Cost

Bongs are expensive as compared to bubblers. So if you are on a budget, bubblers would be the way to go. They typically are in the price range of $30 to $70. Some premium bubblers may cost you around $90. But there are also affordable options like mini bubblers, which cost around $13.

The typical price range for bongs would be $60 to $100. However, premium bongs may cost you well over $200 to $300.

5. Travel-Friendly

If you want to take your smoking accessory along with you on the road, a bubbler might be the better option. Owing to the variety of small sizes and shapes available, a bubbler can inconspicuously fit into the palm of your hand. They are also quieter than a bong, making them a perfect travel accessory.

6. Customization

Bubblers usually come as a single piece, so you cannot do much customization with them. There are bubblers available with female joints, but the options are limited.

Bongs, though, come with various accessories that can take your smoking experience to the next level. For example, bongs can be customized to use different types of herbs, concentrates, and wax. You can also control smoke quality and performance with these accessories.

7. Durability

While buying a bong or a bubbler pipe, you must pay attention to the material used. For example, products designed using high-quality borosilicate glass will be able to stand the test of time. It also comes down to how well one uses and cares for the product.

Bongs made from low-quality glass are more susceptible to crash if they fall. In addition, you need to be mindful while traveling, as bongs have a larger surface area and are thus more prone to damage.

8. Ease of Cleaning

Bongs are made up of removable pieces. So you can separate and give these individual pieces a thorough cleaning. As bubblers usually come as a single piece, they are comparatively challenging to clean. You might want to invest in good cleaning accessories to get to those tight spots and maintain the state of the bubbler.

Whether you want to smoke using a bong or a bubbler, the decision comes down to your preferences. For example, if you want a budget and travel-friendly accessory, bubblers should be your go-to piece. On the other hand, if you are all about getting the best smoking experience, bongs could help fulfill this objective regardless of the price.

Prioritizing the features you want most in your smoking accessory could help you choose between a bong and a bubbler pipe.

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