Adelaide Plumber Shows Easy and Effective Ways to Unblock Your Drains

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Right now, people all over Australia are dealing with annoying blockages within their drains. Unfortunately, blockages occur when you really don’t expect them. That is why you should listen to these ways to unblock your drains in order to stay prepared.

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How to Clear a Blocked Drain

While unblocking a drain can be fixed with just boiling water, sometimes it just isn’t as easy as that. Luckily, there are plenty of home remedies to help you out. Though, if you’re ever in doubt simply hire a licensed plumber.

Boiling Water

Whenever a blockage occurs, most people will simply pour boiling water down the drain. This is because hot water is almost always effective against drain blockages. All you need to do is pour it down and hope for the best.

If this doesn’t work, don’t panic! There are other options.

Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners such as bicarb and vinegar can be extremely effective. When combined, vinegar and bicarb will create oxygen and scour your pipe clean. From there, this breaks down the blockage.

Simply pour one cup of bicarb down the drain and follow it with vinegar.

Caustic Cleaners

Many stores sell caustic cleaners that dissolve oils, grease, and fat. This makes it ideal for those hard-to-move blockages. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions.


Plungers have long been known to unblock toilets, but they are also very effective for drains. They form a seal and use a vacuum effect to remove the blockage.

DIY Drain Snake

A DIY drain snake can easily be made with a coat hanger and inserted into the plughole. You can use it to fish out local blockages or break them up.

Plumbers Drain Snake

If your DIY drain snake is ineffective, a plumber’s drain snake can be used. It is an advanced tool used by professionals to remove and break up drain blockages.


In many cases, CCTV can be used to identify the extent of a blockage and where it is situated. From there, a plan can be made to remove it.

Hydro Jet

When a hydro jet is used, water will be shot down the drain at a rapid rate to dislodge the blockage. It is a good way to remove the bulk of the problem.


Excavation can be used for severe blockages in drain pipes. In this case, the plumber will dig around the drain to replace any pipework that needs to be replaced. It can save the rest of your pipework in the long run.

Pipe Relining

When your pipes have been blocked for a while and are damaged because of that, pipe relining may be necessary. This is a great alternative for an entire pipe replacement.

The Bottom Line

If you need help removing a blockage, don’t hesitate to get the professionals involved. They can ensure that the entire blockage is removed so that no more damage is done. This way, you can get back to living normally as soon as possible.

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