Everything You Should Know About Tungsten Wedding Rings

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The wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and indeed a big day. Both you and your beloved wait for and look forward to this day with a lot of expectations to celebrate your love story. Hence, everything has to be as perfect as it can be. Your wedding ring is no different. Tungsten wedding rings are gaining high popularity these days among the couples. These rings and love bands are stylish in their appearance and give a contemporary look.

Should you choose tungsten as a metal for your wedding rings? Well, the answer cannot be stated in a single statement. Rather you need to decide the answer yourself, and this piece of article will help you do so. Let us go ahead and discuss the characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages of tungsten wedding rings. We will also discuss the best tungsten rings to purchase for your big day and finally end with some important shopping tips. Excited? Well, read on!

Characteristics of tungsten wedding rings

Tungsten is a common element that we all know. It is even called Wolfram. The metal has some great properties. Tungsten shows the highest tensile strength and melting point among all metals. It is durable and rare. The tungsten wedding bands are not made of pure tungsten. They are made of carbon fiber tungsten. This is because working on pure tungsten is very difficult.

Carbon fiber tungsten, however, retains some properties of the pure tungsten. The Men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring is highly scratch-proof and light gray. This color can be made darker with the process of brush finishing. The tungsten wedding rings are a bit heavy, so if you do not prefer the weight, then it may not be a good choice for you.

The black tungsten wedding rings

Most of the black tungsten wedding bands are designed by layering the original gray tungsten with platting over it. This can be prone to scratch as any type of platting, even if it consists of some ingredients of carbon fiber tungsten, will scratch eventually.

Advantages and disadvantages of tungsten wedding rings

The pros of tungsten wedding rings

  • They are extremely scratch-proof and durable.
  • They can be engraved using laser engraving instruments and come in many types of finishing including extremely polished mirror finishing to dark gray brush finishing.
  • Tungsten bands come at reasonable prices that are usually much cheaper in comparison to gold and platinum bands.
  • Tungsten wedding rings are even resistant to tarnish and corrosion.

The cons of tungsten wedding rings

  • The tungsten wedding rings can’t be resized.
  • Currently, tungsten rings have limited style options. The men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring is available in a greater number of style options in comparison to the women’s tungsten ring.

The best tungsten ring styles for your big day

The most popular and demanded styles for the men’s tungsten rings include Flat Bands, Comfort Fit Bands, Channel-set Diamond Tungsten Bands, and Tungsten Rings having Brushed Layers. In the women’s section, the best styles are thin contemporary tungsten bands, tension-set engagement rings, and Channel-set diamond wedding rings. If you wish to purchase a tension-set tungsten band, consider sticking to the sets with rubies, diamonds, sapphires, or moissanite.

Make sure that the gemstones have a minimum rating of 9.0 on the hardness scale for holding the tension setting. There are many similar tension-set bands available in the market made of topaz, cubic zirconia, and aquamarine. These can eventually crack during tension setting. In case you are looking for a double-tone tungsten ring, go for the wedding rings that are made up of inlay only. Any other kind of plate- even gold plate- can wear out quickly when worn daily.

Important tips to shop tungsten wedding rings

For the maximum lasting of your tungsten wedding ring, consider sticking to the retailers who provide a lifetime warranty as well as some kind of return policy. Try to avoid the tungsten rings that carry some kind of platting, including the black tungsten wedding bands. When purchasing the rings, make sure the business you choose, makes use of jewelry standard tungsten. As the tungsten wedding rings can’t be resized, ensure buying the right size ring.

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